Confession tuesday: Stress & frenemies!

Have you ever tried to do everything right but you end up making mistakes? This week at work i have been trying to do my job well but still ended up making repeated mistakes to the extent that i felt so disapointed in me. 

My boss is on vacation and the last thing i want is for her to come back and get a bad report on me. Unfortunately the incharge is a frenemy plus other staff who also rejoice in my downfall. 

I feel so hurt that some workmates will be happy to see you going down. Whatever tiny mistake you make they elevate it & keep record of it.

We all make mistakes and they also  do make mistakes but i don’t go around reporting everyone well because i do understand that we all human….

Sometimes i feel like finding another job and leave this place but then it is not that easy to find one. Besides i know there will never be a perfect job, sometimes you just have to stay strong and know what you want at the end of the day.

They do not acknowledge the great work you do but instead highlight and make a big deal of the small mistakes you make. 
Life gets worse when you have frenemies for workmates who will be happy to see you go down the trench.

But it’s all good, i know everything happens for a reason, i know God wants to make me into a strong woman..he is preparing me for a bigger challenge. 

For there is no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper(Isaiah 54:17).

Am now worried that my boss is going to be disapointed in me(obviously they will report me) yet if the incharge was my friend things would be different. But it come to an end eventually for fear is not my portion.
Has anyone been in the same boat before? Having co workers who rejoice in your down fall and they make sure that everyone including your boss gets to know about it? In general do you have frenemies or enemies at work or school?  How do you cope? let me know in comments section below.

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Angel mbeks


  1. Sorry about that dear. People can be mean at times. Personally I am a prayerful person and when I encounter such situations I breathe and make a silent prayer for Jesus to take control. It has always worked, maybe you can give it a try.

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  2. You have the right mindset, Angel. No matter where you go, there are people who just live to put others down. Keep praying and keep the faith. Thank you for the follow and I am happy to be following back. I look forward to reading your posts.

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