Ootd: Keep your head high

Hello lovelies, how is your Sunday treating you so far..hope your having a good time… am not doing bad my self as well…

Have you ever expected(100% sure) something breath taking(wonderful) to happen in your life and you can not wait to get the good news but then it doesn’t happen???…that feeling hmm…painful right! 

Well…this month i was expecting something great to happen in my life but on friday i proved my self wrong which hurt me so bad..well all in all God is my strength and my refuge…i believe God’s timing is always the best.

I don’t know what you have been expecting this month and now you don’t see any sign of it happening any time soon…today i want to encourage you to keep your head high and don’t loose hope for God is in control…he is always in time….keep the faith and stay hopeful,faithful and trusting in God to make it to pass. Look unto God for your answers not to human beings.

Today i wore a simple outfit….my burgundy pants,sweater brown blouse with leather detailed sleeves, gold sandles and a green handbag that am currently loving…I accessorised more with these cute brown shades( i got them as a gift from my husband)  & a chunky necklace for an edgy look. 

This is a simple look that you can  rock on a sunny day out with the girls for a movie, window shopping or  coffee as well as evening church service.

Style tip: invest in chic accessories like shades,scarves,chunky necklace to elevate your boring outfit. As you can see here, i looked stylish without even trying so hard.

I would like to make some collaboration with you guyz so if your interested let me know in the comments section.

What expectations do you have for this December? Would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


Angel mbeks


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