Ootd: Sleeveless Denim Jacket


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Motherhood Never Felt This Good…

Hey lovelies!

Rocked this black free dress with leather jacket,black sandals and accessorised with a green head scarf while i went window shopping(Left Gabriella sleeping and her Dad was watching her).

This is such an effortless stylish look that i like rocking. The scarf added a playful chic vibe. What do you think of this look. Am so in love with scarves lately because of the bad hair days i have while doing mummy duties.

Did i say that my last Dr appointment, i found out i lost 4kg…oh wow, am getting back to my size…one step at a time.

Also as am writing, it is 6:23 am and Gabby is back to sleep after breastfeeding…and the reason am able to blog is because Gabby slept the whole night(i only fed her twice) without keeping me awake and dozing like she normally does…

We also found out that her sight is improving day by day…she can now see(well not fully ofcourse) us and follow us with her eyes. I can’t believe my girl is growing into a big girl…indeed motherhood never felt so good.

Till Next time.


Gabriella At 1 month Photoshoot

Hello lovelies!

On friday my princess made one

Month old yay am so thankful to God for the far we have come.

Gabby has achieved several milestones since we brought her home like being able to turn her head from side to side and lifting it up when put her on the shoulders,her umblical code healing,gurgling,weight gain(after having a good latch),playing with her hands and feet and giving us beautiful smiles often.

The Challenges Gabby has faced are;Diaper and skin rash(eczema), i have tried to apply creams but change is gradual,still we taking other the necessary precautions for complete healing.

The challenges i have faced is back ache due to breast feeding and also recently she resents being put down,she always want to be in our arms and most of the time when hubby is at work am alone and i have to keep carrying her which brings me back pain. Spending most of the time in the house without going out can be abit boring since Gabby is still not old enough to be carried in a carrier so now movies and Tv series are my current faves. We have a stroller but we lazy to use it so most times when we go to hospital or studio(like this saturday),hubby carries her in his hands. Sleep deprivation is another challenge we facing as she keeps waking up at night and i have to breast feed and put her to bed but recently she is starting to sleep better.

Solution; To heal diaper rash we advised to let Gabby stay diaper free as much as possible and also to use diaper rash cream . For skin rash we are told that it will go away by its self but my family back home says when she gets bathed in “kyogero(ugandan herbal meds for skin care)” her skin will get back to normal so am looking forward to that. For sleep deprivation we trying to sleep whenver she sleeps so that by the time she wakes up,we not sleepy as well. when it comes to back ache and also for Gabby to catch sleep easily,am advised to feed her while she is lying im her bed other than lifting her on my laps all the time,also hubby do give massages for my back. The Air condition here sometimes is too cold which is not good for Gabby. Another challenge i faced was the fact that most clothes i bought her don’t fit her so i use the little that fits and kept the rest for when she grows up.

We hoping to go for vacation at the end of October ,so excited. Everyone one wants to meet Gabriella. Am looking forward for help from sisters and relatives.

Below is the footshoot for Gabby at 1 month which we took on saturday. This photoshoot was not an easy one as getting such poses from Gabby was a hustle lol she kept playing and wanting to breastfeed instead of looking into the camera. All in all we had so much fun.

About our outfits,Gabriella wore a pink tulle dress accessorised with a pink head band with ribbon,white socks and scratch mittens). Me and hubby decided to go all white so hubby wore a white shirt with white shorts and black white sneakers. I wore an off shoulder top with damaged white skinnys,silver sandals and red & blue scarf on the head for a more fun look. Our outfits looked effortlessly stylish and i loved every photo as you will see below.

Am looking forward to celebrating our princess Gabriella’s one year Birthday in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for stopping by.

My Princess Gabriella is here


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Hey lovelies allow me introduce to you our newest member to our family my dear daughter, our first born Gabriella Nasuuna.

My daugher was born on 26/08/2017 at 16:05 hrs. As i speak Gabby is two weeks and two days. I just want to thank God who enabled me to go through this journey successfully.

Am a mom to a baby girl and i can not be more proud…Motherhood is everything though challenging as well. Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes.

Gabriella is such an amazing girl, i can’t stop staring at her,she makes me so happy…her smile is life. Oh she is funny too lol.

My Second Surprise Baby shower!


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Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” β€” Oprah Winfrey

On thursday 8/08/2017 but one i received a second bridal shower suprise led by my husband.

He told me that we were going baby shopping and later take some photos…reaching the city we branched off to burger king and went up stairs, to my suprise a group of our family friends like 20 of them came our away screaming “supriiiise!!!” omg i lost my breath for a second, i couldn’t believe my eyes…i kept wondering how my Husband planned all this without noticing a thing!

I enjoyed the shower, from the dances,music,games to comic jokes,great burger and amazing strawberry cake…oh and i received gifts as well. The inspiration speeches almost drove me to tears. Sometimes all you need is for someone to reassure you that everything is going to be okay and that you are not alone in that journey. The love i received on my baby shower was overwhelming thanks to my Husband for being such a people magnet.

I can not believe i have heard two baby showers for my little princess…am so looking forward to meeting her so that i tell her everything and how favored she is.

Check out the photos from the shower.


Pregnancy lookbook


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When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you’re wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.

Hello lovelies, today i want to share my pregnamcy outfits that have been rocking so far, i have been taking photos of them but been lazy to upload them on daily basis so i have decided to make a lookbook.

Surprise Baby Shower


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A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Hey lovelies, it’s been a minute! Hope your doing well.

Today marks the end of the 8th month of my pregnancy and now am entering my last month. And what a better way to celebrate that milestone than a suprise baby shower from our church friends.

So on Friday(27/7/2017) evening me and hubby had a program of visiting our friend who happens to be a nurse/midwife so that she can share with us the A-z of preparing for our baby girl.

On reaching the venue, my eyes fell on a decorated room with lovely ladies shouting supriiiise…!! I was swept off my feet because i couldn’t believe my husband did not give me a hint.

To cut the story short…i had a great time and received beautiful baby gifts from our friends. It was a last minute baby shower and most of our friends didn’t make it but promised to send in their gifts.

I just want to take this opportunity and thank my dear husband for making this day happen because i did not expect it (well since i don’t have very close friends who could have planned it for me so i had zero expectations) at all.

All along i was hurting inside that since this is my first baby, having no baby shower thrown for me(since it is a taboo to throw yourself one) would be so sad….but hey God heard my cry.

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Our first Pregnancy Photoshoot.


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Hello Lovelies, hope you have been well. Back to me today am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant and in my 8th month, third trimester. My baby bump grows bigger & beautiful each day. So like i told you in my last post that on my birthday we went for our first  professional pregnancy photoshoot at the nearest studio with my hubby as a way of remembering my birthday and our little one. Like i promised  here are the photos. Check them out.

In this photoshoot, i wore a stretchy pink knee high length dress and nude heels accessorised with my diamond earings(first wore these on my wedding day),and silver bangles.Hubby wore brown pants and dressy long sleeved shirt with black shoes. The dress barely fitted me lol but i had always wanted to wear it on my first photoshoot, overall I loved the entire look in the photoshoot.

We had such an amazing time trying out different poses and i can’t help my self but look at these photos everyday. We hope to take more photos towards the end of this month as well…i can’t wait.

Happy Birthday(27/june) to me


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Happy belated Birthday to me!

On Tuesday was my birthday yay, am so greatful to God for another year he has added to me, i do not take it for granted…am thankful to God.
I celebrated my birthday with my husband, we went for our first pregnancy photoshoot(i will be sharing the photos soon)..the photos are amazing.

From the photoshoot,we changed into casual outfits and went to the mall for dinner which was so yummy and later we headed to the movies to watch Wonder woman. I really wanted to watch this movie on my birthday because every one was talking about how amazing it is and i must say, it didn’t disapoint.

About my outfit, i wore a white off the shoulder top with stretchy red pants and i accessorised with red chandlier earings,Lv tote bag and silver flats. Loved this look, it was simple but stylish…the off shoulder top gave a chic look to the entire outfit. Since we are in summer season, off shoulder trend is so on in the middle east and i loved rocking it for the first time. I hope to buy more of these outfits.

There you have it, my birthday celebration. I must say that this birthday i planned everything my self, and am proud of it. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and make your self happy, do what you love, spend on your self. If you don’t celebrate your self first, who will? I knew my husband had not made plans for my birthday this time around and so i had to do something for my self instead of staying in bed angry at him because at the end of the day it is your happiness and your life. This is the last birthday as a girl(don’t know the right word to use lol), by next birthday i will be some ones mother…wow!

On my birthday i was 7 months and 3 days pregnant. As am writing now am 7 months and 5 days. I can not believe i have less than two months left to have my little one here….Ebenezar!

Old Wives Tales: Girl or Boy?


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Hello lovelies,
So recently i uploaded a new video, answering the old wives tales on gender prediction based on pregnancy symptoms and body changes to predict whether am carring a boy or girl.

Check out the video i uploaded on my youtube channel, maybe you will be a able to predict the gender. Do not forget to subscribe.