Beach Day: Romper x Swim Suit



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Hey lovelies!

Last weekend i spent the day at the Barasti beach where i had an amazing relaxing moment by my self.

About my beach outfit…i wore a floral romper and sandals, this look gave me hot girl summer vibes, simple but stylish. later i rocked my swimsuit and had a blast at both the beach waters and the pool.

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Swim suit x Culottes Pants



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So the other day i went out at a Fresh Juices shop next to KFC in the neighborhood for some fresh watermelon juice in this hot summer. While at it, took some pics with the help of my new tripod that i bought recently, check out the tripod here, i also took some videos of this whole look. Check out the video and photos below

I loved how the colors worked together to bring out an effortlessly yet comfy stylish look. I wore my swim suit and my culottes pants and finished off the look with my tote bag and nude ballerina flats.

Let me know what you think about this look by leaving me a comment below.

Ootd: Dashiki x Biker Shorts



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Hey lovelies!

Today’s outfit of the day i am rocking my dashiki dress top and black biker shorts, fur sandals. This was an effortless yes chic and comfortable look that i slayed while hanging around in the park sipping on my ice cold coke in this Hot summer.

Check out the youtube video of this look below

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Biker shorts x Blazer at the Live band Nite out

Hey lovelies, last week i was in the mood for live music so i checked on google and boom the stables bar(British bar) came up and i was like why not check it out?

Check out the youtube video for detailed version of my night out at the stables bar watching the live band that i enjoyed so much. Didn’t stay long though since i don’t drink.

One of the highlights of the night was my all black outfit with a hint of gold that i slayed on this night out. I wore my black biker shorts,black blazer and accessorised with my gold small belt ,strappy heels and LV clutch. The look was a bomb, felt on top, in this all black outfit. In short, i felt like a slay queen in this look, i mean what do you see lol.

Y’all know that biker blazers on biker shorts is a big trend this year and sure i didn’t want to be left out after seeing all them bloggers lavishing my instagram feed.

Barasti Beach Bar x Summer Maxi Dress


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Last Weekend i went to Barasti beach bar located at Le meridian Hotel Mine Sayah Dubai Marina. I was amazed by how beautiful and relaxing this place is. Barasti beach bar has a pool,beach and bar and lots of space to sit while enjoying the great music played by the Dj. Entrance is totally free of charge.

About my outfit, i wore a yellow floral maxi dress with two sided slits and gold flats and accessorised with my LV tote bag and shades. I really loved m y look it screen stylish summer, effortlessly chic and comfy.

Check out the youtube video and see how beautiful this place is



The World famous Barasti Beach Bar has always been one of the city’s most vibrant bars.

Boasting a vast outdoor seating area and Dubai’s best live sport big screen, it’s simply the best place to watch sport with a cool drink and bar snacks. Inside, live music is on throughout the week with plenty of seating for sundowners, food and a fantastic night out.

If lazy beach days are your thing, there’s no better place to while away the hours than the award winning Barasti Beach. A Dubai institution, Barasti offers the perfect mix of great music, delicious food and divine cocktails against the stunning backdrop of Dubai Marina. If you don’t want to leave when the sun goes down, that’s alright with us! Stay and party into the night with the world’s best DJs at our renowned Sugar Beach nights.

Open daily with free entry, it’s easy to see why we remain one of Dubai’s favourite hot spots year after year.

Ps. I stopped waiting for people to invite me out, i stopped feeling afraid to go out there and live my life. It is not easy hanging out solo but it is obviously better than sleeping the whole day. I plan on visiting different places in Dubai and UAE at large so stay glued on my blog. Have you ever gone out solo? I would like to hear from you.

Neon x White Denim Ootd


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Hey lovelies!

Today i went out around the block to shoot my new youtube video and i took pics too for the blog. Loved rocking this look, felt clean,fresh and effortlessly stylish. The colors worked well together… i loved this Neon colored table set up, it just gave the entire look life.

Check out my the video version of this look on my youtube channel

What do you think about this look. Have you rocked Neon trend yet? Let me know in the comments section below.

2019 Fashion Trends


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Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post will highlight the 2019 biggest fashion trends that rocked from the Top designer Runaways all through to the streets of Fashion and red carpet. Let me know which one is your number 1 trend so far. I must say that, there are so many trends this year, i can not list them all here but so far here are my favorites which are wearable and easy to style.

Biker Shorts

Color Trends-(Neon,Beige,golden Yellow)

Tie and Dye

Shrunken & Belt Bags

Cargo Pants

Bleached Denim


HeadWear(Scarfs and Hats)

Boiler Suits

Print-Snake skin

So far, bike shorts,neon,snake skin are most of the trends that i have seen most fashionistas like kim kardashian,fashion bloggers and celebrities like Blake lively and Jenipher lopez to mention but a few been rocking…well my eyes are still wide open to see what other trends i have not been critical to see around.

Which other trend is trending now days that i have not listed here, i would like to hear you lovelies. Am looking forward to rock the waist bag,beige and snake skin trends…let me stop here and go shoping, because sale is so on in Dubai right now. Oh how i love fashion.

Celebrities wearing Neon Fashion Trend.


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Hey lovelies!

Y’all know that Neon is the number trend right now, and i am so in love with it. So today i will share with you photos of different celebrities and bloggers rocking the neon trend and let me know which look was your fave. Do not forget to like coment and follow my blog and my youtube channel.

Would your rock this trend? Let me know in the comments section.