Tyler Perry Studios Grand opening Looks



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Check out the looks gracing the Tyler Perry Studios grand opening and let me know which is your best look so far. Will keep updating so keep checking


Some Pain Never Heals



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You trust them with all your heart, you feel protected,loved and all the butterflies in your tummy and then one day….they are a different person you have never met!! they are the reason for your tears and pain…reason you promise to never love again because you thought He was different from the Rest.

Was it all True in the First place? I mean all the promises they made,never to put their hands on you…never to be the reason for your pain. Were they all lies! Your wondering if it was all genuine…the happiness they brought in your life,was it pure?

No matter how wrong you might have been…did He have the right to treat you like the trash across the bridge on the 6th street? Respect is for all…love does not produce Hate…love does not produce Pain and neither should you tolerate it. Are you going to tolerate it? How sure are you that if you gave them a second change…they will change?!

Forgiveness is beneficial for you but bringing them back in your life is an option which you must turn down. I am just a stranger whispering in your Ears…let it go. Walk away while you still can and speak up

Pain is real but so is hope…put your head High and conquer the world…break the Silence.

Photo Credit: Google images

Best Dressed at the Emmys Awards.



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Here are my best looks of the just concluded Emmys Awards.


Mandy Moore



Viola Davis

Kerry washington

Taraji P Henson

Lavarne Cox

Check out the youtube video belew and watch me review the same looks. Don’t forget to like,comment and subscribe.

These ladies looked amazing, they fashionably nailed the hell out of these looks. Let me know in the comments section below

Live on Youtube: How to Style A Romper for Fall/Winter



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Hey lovelies i have a new video that went live on my youtube channel. Showing you how i style the romper for fall/winter. Check it out below and don’t forget to like,Comment and SUBSCRIBE



Celebrities did not come to play at the italian Film festival, they went over the top stylish and glamorous. Check out my best dressed below

Martha Hunt

Elsa Hosk

Juliet & Catherine

Scarlet Johnson

Jasmine Sanders

Kat Graham

Barbara Palvin

Midisin Rian

Sara Sermpio

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Which looks has swept you off your feet? Lets discuss in the comments section below.

Trends we love:Neon x Snake Skin print



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Hello Lovelies!

Have you noticed that everywhere on the gram, Snake skin print is trending everywhere? So many celebrities are rocking this trend, what are you waiting for lol? Bravo Housewives below Phaedra Parks(former Rhoa housewife) and Marlo Hampton looking gorgeous in this trend

Phaedra Parks living her Best life in this Neon Snake Print free dress, she looks


Marlo Hampton from the Real Housewives of Atlanta looking snatched in this edgy snake skin neon leggings and sleeveless top

What do you think of this trend? Would you rock it?




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An MTV Video Music Award (commonly abbreviated as a VMA) is an award presented by the cable channel MTV to honor the best in the music video medium. Originally conceived as an alternative to the Grammy Awards (in the video category), the annual MTV Video Music Awards ceremony has often been called the “Super Bowl for youth”, an acknowledgment of the VMA ceremony’s ability to draw millions of youth from teens to 20-somethings each year.

The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards was held on August 26, 2019, at the Prudential Center in Newark, being the first VMA ceremony to be held in New Jersey.[1][2] Sebastian Maniscalco hosted the 36th annual ceremony.[3] Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish were the most awarded with three each. Missy Elliott became the first female rapper to win the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.[4] The show was broadcast on a variety of Viacom-owned networks, as well as their respective websites, and apps through TV Everywhere authentication.[5]

Below are were my best dressed artists




Lil Nas


Photo Credit: Vanity Affair watch more looks on their site here

All these looks were just wow, the details,fitting were exception. List is endless but i would like to know who your best dressed celebrities were. Comment below.

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Daughter



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Hey lovelies!

I am beyond excited to say that my Lovely princess turned two years old. Words can not express how how happy i am that my little girl is growing into a beautiful princess. And to celebrate her two milestone we did a Birthday photoshoot and i am so in-love with these photos and how beautiful my angel looks. It is every mother’s joy to see their Child growing up fit and health and to God be the glory.

Outfit of the Day



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Hey lovelies!

So the other day, i went out for window shopping and ice cream at the Baskin Robbins and i Rocked this look. This look is simple yet stylish. Wore my white biker shorts,sleeveless floral pink top, carried my tiny cute white purse(window shopped lol) and finished off the look with my black fur sandles.

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments section.

Beach Day: Romper x Swim Suit



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Hey lovelies!

Last weekend i spent the day at the Barasti beach where i had an amazing relaxing moment by my self.

About my beach outfit…i wore a floral romper and sandals, this look gave me hot girl summer vibes, simple but stylish. later i rocked my swimsuit and had a blast at both the beach waters and the pool.

Watch the youtube video below and subscribe.

Swim suit x Culottes Pants



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So the other day i went out at a Fresh Juices shop next to KFC in the neighborhood for some fresh watermelon juice in this hot summer. While at it, took some pics with the help of my new tripod that i bought recently, check out the tripod here, i also took some videos of this whole look. Check out the video and photos below

I loved how the colors worked together to bring out an effortlessly yet comfy stylish look. I wore my swim suit and my culottes pants and finished off the look with my tote bag and nude ballerina flats.

Let me know what you think about this look by leaving me a comment below.

Ootd: Dashiki x Biker Shorts



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Hey lovelies!

Today’s outfit of the day i am rocking my dashiki dress top and black biker shorts, fur sandals. This was an effortless yes chic and comfortable look that i slayed while hanging around in the park sipping on my ice cold coke in this Hot summer.

Check out the youtube video of this look below

What do you think of this look. Let me know in the comments section and please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel

Extrovert Introvert or Ambivert?


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After a thorough study of my self, i’ve come to a realization that i am an extrovert introvert, i can not say am ambivert because my being alone is involuntary (i have no close friends in this city to fill in the gap).

Let me explain maybe you may correct me if am wrong;

I literally feel like this sometimes when i join certain meetups lol

Whenever am by my self i get depressed craving for Company and because of this, i normally choose to go out in quest for friendships. It is on rare occasions that i enjoy my own comapany. So this is a clear reason i am not an introvert.

I hate being alone, i tend to find last minute plans to hang out solo in new places but when i reach there, i tend to feel so uncomfortable,restless because all eyes are on me, i get anxious wondering what people are thinking about me ” why is this girl out here all by her Self?” And in Dubai it’s worse since Africans are stereotyped in a certain way,it gets more Awkward.

When i meet new people for the first time, i tend to be shy and anxious but when i get to know them and get comfortable, i can be very talkative and fun to be around with.

I also tend to go into self pity mood when i see cliques having fun and am all by my self…eventually i get up and go back home because i can’t handle the self pity. When reach i reach home and take a shower i feel relieved.

I Don’t make the first move whenever i meet potential friends-i always wait for them to speak first and from their, i tend to open up. Because of this, i loose out on an opportunity to connect with like minded people. On rare occasions, i can make the first move by saying Hi(only when i get a smiling,friendly look from a potential friend). This is the same situation even on when i choose to find friends online, i don’t make the first move. Overall I think it is because of the fear of Rejection that i tend to sit back and wait.

I do have a friends back in Uganda and the close friends i have in Dubai stay far away from me plus the work shifts makes it hard for us to meet often hence my quest for new friendships. I must say, it is really hard to make friends as an adult.

I feel like Pride and fear of Rejection is the reason as to why am not a full extrovert but am hopeful that one day i will overcome my fears.

Going out solo can be tough on some days and good on other days. I have made new friends,networked,enjoyed my own company, i’ve visited many beautiful places in this city. Bottom line, it’s all about being confident and doing you. I can not put my life on hold just because My Husband or Family,close friends here live Miles & hours apart from me(working Shift jobs), my life has to go on…i will continue going out alone until i find a group of friends i feel comfortable to hang with. What people think of me is their business not mine.

In conclusion, i can not say am 100% extrovert or 100% introvert because like i’ve explained above,makes me 50, 50 of both. My advice to you my Lovelies is….just be your self and be proud of who God made you to be and the right people who are meant to be in your life will come along. Do not let any body change who God created you to be. It’s not worth faking a personality to fit in…be you and Conquer the world.

Are you an introvert or Extrovert or Ambivert/Extrovert Introvert like me? Let me know in the comments section below and let me know how you survive day in day out.

Reality Fashion: Real Housewives of Atlanta is Back


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The real Housewives of Atlanta is back and premiers on 3rd November 2019. The Announcement was made with a very stylish photo of the cast dazzled in black all looking beautiful.Watched the Trailer and the dram oh my…watch the space

Who is your best Dressed Housewife and what do you think about the Show. Let me know in the Comments section below.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Guard your Peace Of Mind


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I’ve realized that one can go crazy if they let everything get to them. Sometimes you got to let some issues slide. Don’t let a bad day at work get to you, don’t let a dormant loveless relationship/marriage take away your Joy. Do not let a co-worker or that roommate who neither talks to you nor likes you, give you sleepless nights. Your not defined by Situations or by what people think about you. You are who God created you to be… a child of God.

It is a bad day not a bad life. When you allow negativity to enter your heart, it will stress you, give you anxiety,depression and self doubt.

My advise for anyone going through life challenges is to pay a deaf ear to whatever is going wrong right now and rather concentrate on what is going great for you…the fact that you have a job and your able to put bread on your table, a beautiful family, gift of life is a blessing enough to stay motivated with Hope that whatever is happening right now is just temporary and soon you will smile. Concentrate on the blessings in your life rather than your short comings.

Always remember that the same God who saw you through that situation you never thought you will overcome, He is still the same God now and He needs you to UP your Faith Game in Him. Though the storm is there, He is still in the boat, call him in Prayer and He will surely Come through for you.


Angel Mbeks

Jlo looked Gorgeous at The Versace Runaway


Jenipher lopez, Jlo looks smashing in this chiffon gown, a recreation of the one she wore on the 42nd Grammy awards in 2000. She crowned the Versace Runaway 2020 spring collection. Her body and cat walk are goals. 50 where!

The dress is super cute. If you have a gym body then get your hands on this gorgeous dress. Check out the youtube video as i speak about this gorgeous dress and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe.