Neon x White Denim Ootd


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Hey lovelies!

Today i went out around the block to shoot my new youtube video and i took pics too for the blog. Loved rocking this look, felt clean,fresh and effortlessly stylish. The colors worked well together… i loved this Neon colored table set up, it just gave the entire look life.

Check out my the video version of this look on my youtube channel

What do you think about this look. Have you rocked Neon trend yet? Let me know in the comments section below.


2019 Fashion Trends


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Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post will highlight the 2019 biggest fashion trends that rocked from the Top designer Runaways all through to the streets of Fashion and red carpet. Let me know which one is your number 1 trend so far. I must say that, there are so many trends this year, i can not list them all here but so far here are my favorites which are wearable and easy to style.

Biker Shorts

Color Trends-(Neon,Beige,golden Yellow)

Tie and Dye

Shrunken & Belt Bags

Cargo Pants

Bleached Denim


HeadWear(Scarfs and Hats)

Boiler Suits

Print-Snake skin

So far, bike shorts,neon,snake skin are most of the trends that i have seen most fashionistas like kim kardashian,fashion bloggers and celebrities like Blake lively and Jenipher lopez to mention but a few been rocking…well my eyes are still wide open to see what other trends i have not been critical to see around.

Which other trend is trending now days that i have not listed here, i would like to hear you lovelies. Am looking forward to rock the waist bag,beige and snake skin trends…let me stop here and go shoping, because sale is so on in Dubai right now. Oh how i love fashion.

Celebrities wearing Neon Fashion Trend.


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Hey lovelies!

Y’all know that Neon is the number trend right now, and i am so in love with it. So today i will share with you photos of different celebrities and bloggers rocking the neon trend and let me know which look was your fave. Do not forget to like coment and follow my blog and my youtube channel.

Would your rock this trend? Let me know in the comments section.

Met Gala Wow Looks


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Just here drooling over these amazing work of art in the name of Fashion that graced the met Gala pink carpet last night. wow, just wow! I just love the effort and creativity portrayed in these outfits;feathers,water drops,nets…i mean what can i say!

First check out my new youtube video and subcribe,like and comment.

Who was your best dressed at the last night concluded met gala?

Yacht Life in Dubai-Neon x Biker Shorts


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Hello lovelies?

How are you doing?!! I guess your amazing as always Back to me, we did go for a yacht on Dubai marina as a staff Outing(Team Building). I had a blast!!! The water was calming plus the highlight of the day was the beautiful dubai marina view and beautiful waters.

My outfit was last minute as i kept changing from one look to another and finally i zeroed to rocking neon Vest(shopped it at men’s section) from Splash, for the biker shorts actually i made it out of the leggings,i used a scissor and shorten it(failed to find biker shorts in stores)… i mean the life of a stylist is about being creative. Actually i had decided to tear my white denim trouser but changed my mind since i bought them for some good money hence bought white with a thick texture and turned them into biker short, as you can see i did well didn’t i?

Watch the Yacht video below and do not forget to like,comment and subscribe.

Idris Elba Weds Sabrina!


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Hey y’all so Idris Elba got married in Morocco! Whoa chile, all the women who were crushing on him are litereally moaning lol…because he is already taken by Sabrina Dhowre and i must say she is beautiful. I liked the brides entire look soft make up and simple gown….screams class. Idris looked dapper than ever. Cheers to the new Married Celebrity couple in hollywood.

Lets all gather here and crush over there wedding photos.

Sipping My Coke At The Open Mic


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The other day, i went out at the Maxx Music Bar, for Open Night. As you all know open Mic is where local people with musical talent showcase live and the audience be cheering them up.

So yeah, i was there enjoying the amazing talents of the night while sipping on my coke on the Rocks. I must say i had a good time,the ambiance was so chill apart from the Cigarrate smell. Having stayed in Abu dhabi for almost four years and kept visiting Dubai once in a while and now that i am permanently residing in Dubai, i think this is the perfect time to figure out all the nice hang out spots the Emirate of Dubai has got to offer. I have a video on youtube channel, about the open mic show check it out here and please like,comment and subscribe.

About my outfit, i wore a little red bodcon turtle neck dress,snack skin pure and feathery flats not forgetting my justa cavalli watch. Felt effortlessly sexy in this look.

TRENDs: Hello Bike Shorts


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Hey lovelies!

So todays look, i wore the motorbike shorts and styled it with my floral jacket,accessorised with my pink sneakers and sealed off the look with a red bandaner for a gangster feel. Love this look, made me feel badass. I’ve been eyeing this trend since last year and boom today i rocked it. So now on my list is the neon trend…watch the space.

What do you think of this trend?

Walking the Lanes of Deira Dubai: OOTD


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Hey lovelies!

In February, me and hubby went out to dine at an African restuarant in deira where they cook ugandan food. I mean anyone staying in Dubai can agree that eating rice everyday can be boring so once in a while we hit the African restaurant in Dubai Deira to enjoy our food. Eating Ugandan food was the highlight of the night…we ate matooke,fish and kidney beans and the cost of the food is affordable.

My look was simple and comfy, wore this kinda peach top dress and my black pants and ofcourse my African flats and sealed of the look with my leopard print shades. Hubby wore cream shorts and green T-shirt…perfect look for an evening walk on a weekend. After dinner we bought ice cream and spend the rest of the evening in the family park to catch up the lost times. Perfect day it was.