Issa Girls’ Day Out


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Hey lovelies!

I am currently in Dubai, where i am having the best of my life having a vacation as well as business.

Wednesday was a girls Day out with my Friend Trophie,spent the Day at the Deira City Mall. It was a catch up time over chinese cuisine at Chowking and baskin robbins ice cream. Yummy yum was the word to decribe the food! Ice cream as always…tasty.

About my look, i wore maroon palazzo pants,baby pink shirt tied with a knot, accessorised with my light blue small bag having florals details and ballet flats with a metallic gold flower detail, sealed the look with my leopard print shades. This was a playful,comfy chic look that i enjoyed rocking. It made me feel simple yet stylish. I just love how my style is growing and daring theses days. My pal went all casual as well rocked her blue skinnys,black top and accessorised with a leather jacket and blue cross bag…her look was effortlessly stylish as well.

OOTD: Shades of Brown


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Hey Lovelies!

This is one of my favorite looks of 2018, took this in December.

There is more you can do with those pieces lying in your closet than you can ever think. All you have to do is finding inspiration from your style icons either on insta or facebook or from that fave TV show on netflix. You will be surprised at how creative you can be with your looks. You don’t have to go in debt trying to shop every other day, work with what you have and boom…your slaying like fire.

Thought about this look in my head and i hoped that it would come out the way i visualized it…thank God it did not disappoint.

Look was effortlessly chic, loved the leopard print long sleeve top and brown pants essemble, and my brown boots & LV purse sealed off the look. This look was fire. I felt gorgeous. Seeing my body bouncing back with a bang was rewarding.

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OOTD: Butterfly Top x White Skinnys


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Hey lovelies!

It has been a minute! Hope your ok, been going through a series of events in my life that i couldn’t upload consistently but i am back with a bang.

Today i am sharing with you a look i wore one months back. I wore it when i was heading to airport to pick my sibliings who had gone to visit my big brother in South Africa.

I wore wide armed free top(the details of this blouse are everything) and white skinny damage jeans, accessorised with my army green purse and black ballerina flats(the detail at front is cute). The look made me feel clean and chic. Gabby like being in my pictures all the time lol

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Turn The Replay Concert; what I wore


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Hey Lovelies!

It has been a minute, how are you all doing? Well back to me, am doing good.

On 24th Dec, i attended the Turn The Replay Concert by Gospel Artist Levixone. It was a last minute plot that i ended up enjoying.

Left home by 4pm and reached the venue,Lugoggo cricket oval by 6pm. I went by my self and was ready to mingle and have fun. Reaching there i happened to find my former workmate Diana and his friend….i was happy to see them because i finally had company. Later i saw my other friend George and his bro…the rest was history.

So many artists performed and levixone came on stage at exactly 10pm..he put an amazing show and we danced ,shouted like there was no tomorrow. Show ended by 11:30pm.

It felt so good going out to have fun away from motherhood duties and being a home buddy.

About my Outfit: I wore my Jeans,chiffon long sleeved black top with fringe and accessorised with my pink scarf and light green kicks. This look gave me the concert feel, was very comfortable and the shoes were so dance friendly.

Tip: Never feel afraid to go out solo to your favorite concert, band,exhibition…be open minded and ready to have fun…be friendly and approachable, trust me you will make lots of friends. Never postpone your happiness for anyone. For the next upcoming gospel concerts like the Nsiima concert on the 9th Dec, am assured of Diana’s company because she promised to be there.



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Hey lovelies!

Last week but one on 29th October as our 2 year anniversary so we went for a family Day out(me,Hubby and our Daughter Gabriella ) at Acacia Mall in Kamwokya.

It was so much fun, we ate at KFC then Ice cream which was delicious and later we went for a Movie.

It had been long since we went out as a family, i was so happy, and complete. Acacia Mall brought back Dubai memories where we used to Hang out in various malls.

Happy Anniversary to Us

I must say Gabby enjoyed more than us, i mean she ran the whole mall and every one wanted to carry her lol.

Family Goals

The Arrival


Mommy Daughter Selfie

Oh Hi!

Ice cream time yayyy

Yay, i am having fun


She can’t let me eat in Peace lol


Angel Mbeks

Ootd: The Army Green Shirt Dress


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Hello lovelies!

The other day, while i was heading to the airport to pick Hubby, i went all comfy in this Army green shirt dress, and red ribboned push in flats, accessorised with my new pinkish shades that i am currently obsessed with and finished off the look with a black clutch kind of purse.

This look made me feel effortlessly stylish, felt relaxed,comfy and over there lol.

What do you think of this look?

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Shopping Finds: Maxi Dress


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My love for maxi dresses is huge, i mean who doesn’t like a maxi dress?!

Every stylish girl needs a maxi dress for those days when you want to feel comfy but stylish while shopping or walking on the sand in the Bahamas for that beautiful vacation.

A maxi dress can be styled down with a pair of colorful sandles/wedges ,shades and a cross bag. You can as well rock it with strappy heels and a denim or leather Jacket. It depends on where you are going.

So i came across this beautiful v neck,loose black maxi dress on amazon by Grecerelle that i fell in love with at first look and thought why not share it with you guyz?

It comes in a several solid colors,short sleeved,full length and loose fit with side pockets. It is a casual wear but you can as well rock it work on a saturday, party or on a holiday. When it comes to washing it, you can hand wash it,machine wash or hand wash.

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