10 Fun things you can do indoors during this Quarantine time to kill the Boredom

Hey lovelies!

CoronaVirus has made it hard for us to socialise outside and looks like now we are on House Arrest. Below are the list of 10 fun things you can do indoors during this quarantine in order to kill the boredom and loneliness especially when you are living by yourself

1. Netflix and Chill

Do you have that favorite Tv series or show that you have always wanted to watch but lacked the time to? Now is the time. You will never know how time passes while watching Netflix. And even if you have no Netflix subscription, youtube has lots of things to watch depending on your interests not forgetting movie streaming websites.

2. Tune into your Favorite Radio Station Or podcast.

You may not be in the mood to watch anything or maybe your working from home and you do not want to feel lonely by yourself at home, Listening to your favorite Radio station or Podcast can be of a good company.

3. Deep Clean,Organize and Decorate your House

This is the time to deep clean your house and give your bedroom,closet a makeover. Get rid of the clothes,shoes you nolonger wear.

4. Make Video & Audio Calls to your Family and Friends.

You can still get in touch with your family via online through face time,whatsapp calls to keep your self in High spirits.Call your loved ones as much as you want during this trying time in order not to feel alone.

5. Cook your favorite Dishes

You have all this time on your hands to cook your favorite dishes and save money while at it.

6. Read a book

If you are into reading Novels and inspiration Books now is the time.

7. Make a youtube video or Write a blog

If you’re like me who is into youtube and blogging, this is the right time to start creating videos for your youtube channel as well as writing articles for my blog. And it is not too late to start a youtube channel.

8. Sleep as much as you want

I know when we working, we do not get to have enough sleep, now is the time to have a enough sleep and let your body rest but remember don’t over do it.

9. Social Media is your other Friend

Facebook,Snapchat,insta,Tiktok all can take away your boredom. I’ve seen so many celebrities and their families on Instagram posting Tiktok videos, how about you try it too.

10. Do not forget to Pray & Read your Bible

This is the most important activity to do while in this quarantine, Prayer. We need God more than ever to save us from this Pandemic so get on your knees, read your bible and pray every day.

Have i forgotten any? Let me know in the comments section below and do not forget, if you must go outside, wear a face mask, use sanitizer and maintain social Distancing.

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