Biker shorts x Blazer at the Live band Nite out

Hey lovelies, last week i was in the mood for live music so i checked on google and boom the stables bar(British bar) came up and i was like why not check it out?

Check out the youtube video for detailed version of my night out at the stables bar watching the live band that i enjoyed so much. Didn’t stay long though since i don’t drink.

One of the highlights of the night was my all black outfit with a hint of gold that i slayed on this night out. I wore my black biker shorts,black blazer and accessorised with my gold small belt ,strappy heels and LV clutch. The look was a bomb, felt on top, in this all black outfit. In short, i felt like a slay queen in this look, i mean what do you see lol.

Y’all know that biker blazers on biker shorts is a big trend this year and sure i didn’t want to be left out after seeing all them bloggers lavishing my instagram feed.

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