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Hello lovelies?

How are you doing?!! I guess your amazing as always Back to me, we did go for a yacht on Dubai marina as a staff Outing(Team Building). I had a blast!!! The water was calming plus the highlight of the day was the beautiful dubai marina view and beautiful waters.

My outfit was last minute as i kept changing from one look to another and finally i zeroed to rocking neon Vest(shopped it at men’s section) from Splash, for the biker shorts actually i made it out of the leggings,i used a scissor and shorten it(failed to find biker shorts in stores)… i mean the life of a stylist is about being creative. Actually i had decided to tear my white denim trouser but changed my mind since i bought them for some good money hence bought white with a thick texture and turned them into biker short, as you can see i did well didn’t i?

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