Sipping My Coke At The Open Mic

The other day, i went out at the Maxx Music Bar, for Open Night. As you all know open Mic is where local people with musical talent showcase live and the audience be cheering them up.

So yeah, i was there enjoying the amazing talents of the night while sipping on my coke on the Rocks. I must say i had a good time,the ambiance was so chill apart from the Cigarrate smell. Having stayed in Abu dhabi for almost four years and kept visiting Dubai once in a while and now that i am permanently residing in Dubai, i think this is the perfect time to figure out all the nice hang out spots the Emirate of Dubai has got to offer. I have a video on youtube channel, about the open mic show check it out here and please like,comment and subscribe.

About my outfit, i wore a little red bodcon turtle neck dress,snack skin pure and feathery flats not forgetting my justa cavalli watch. Felt effortlessly sexy in this look.

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