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Hey lovelies!

Last week but one on 29th October as our 2 year anniversary so we went for a family Day out(me,Hubby and our Daughter Gabriella ) at Acacia Mall in Kamwokya.

It was so much fun, we ate at KFC then Ice cream which was delicious and later we went for a Movie.

It had been long since we went out as a family, i was so happy, and complete. Acacia Mall brought back Dubai memories where we used to Hang out in various malls.

Happy Anniversary to Us

I must say Gabby enjoyed more than us, i mean she ran the whole mall and every one wanted to carry her lol.

Family Goals

The Arrival


Mommy Daughter Selfie

Oh Hi!

Ice cream time yayyy

Yay, i am having fun


She can’t let me eat in Peace lol


Angel Mbeks