Gabby’s First Year Birthday Party

Hello Lovelies!

First of all, i want to thank God for the ar he has brought me and my first born baby girl! Happy birthday again dear Daughter Gabriella.

So my baby made one year on 26th last month but we held her party on 25th same month(her Dad’s birthday). Did i say that Gabby was born a day after her dad(my Husban) was born?! Wonderful.

The party was held in called Maisha gardens, they are beautiful gardens with two swimming pools, so the scenery was beautiful. I invited family members and a few close friends. The decor was simple but beautiful and girly. We had a great time, the cake was yummy and big so everyone took home a big portion. The food was beyond delicious, the dj wowed us. Overall it was the best birthday for my daughter and am greatful to God who brought it to pass.

The party ended by 7:30pm and after we went home for an after party in which Gabby’s Aunt and cousins came over to celebrate with her(they did not make it for the day party so they made it a point to attend in the evening).

Check out the photos below.

After birthday Party

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