Hey lovelies!

So on Tuesday i went out for steam & Sauna bath sessions at a near by nice Hotel called Legit Hotel. It was my first experience having a Sauna & steam bath. This was on my bucket list and i got to tick it off yay.

I reached at the hotel at 6pm, they gave me two cotton cloth to cover up while inside the sauna & steam plus a cotton hair cup to cover up my hair and slippers. I forgot to carry my scrub(to scrub while in there) but i will next time,they were selling it at the reception but i couldn’t buy it thank God a fellow member shared his woth me. . My bag & phone were kept in the guests lockers thats why i couldn’t take pictures inside also because it was already heated up(but i will next time). During the sessions,i could go in sauna like for 20 minutes come out for tea or water break check on my phone or do some exercise then go back to sauna or steam. By 9pm i called it a day. Since Tuesdays are complimentary the turn up was great.

This was a highlight of my week. It felt so good feeling all your body pores opening up,the relaxation that comes with it is amazing. The heat in sauna is so intense that you feel like burning up lol, feeling your body sweating like hell in a steam bath is everything. I felt like my skin was detoxing. It was an adventurous experience.

Sauna is more fun when your a group in there because you get to chit chat, girl chat while relaxing and relieving stress.

I managed to interact with other members and i had a good time. At Legit Hotel, tuesdays are usually complimentary along with drinks and snacks. I was treated to several cups of tea with popcorns,gnuts.

For those who don’t know;

Sauna; a small room used as a hot-air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body. Sauna benefits are, reduce stress levels,ease pain,improved cardiovascular health and more.

Steam bath;a room that is filled with hot steam for the purpose of cleaning and refreshing the body and for relaxation.

I also managed to do exercises during my breaks. I will definately go back this tuesday or any other day of the week.

I felt so refreshed after the sessions. Having Me time away from my baby and spend some time on my self makes me feel great and looking forward to doing more of these, taking my self out there to experience life to the fullest.

It feels so good that i ticked this off my bucket list.

These days i nolonger wait on my spouse or friends to take me out to search outings,now i do it my self and whoever is interested they tag along. Life is too short,enjoy it while you still can.

Have you ever been to a sauna & steam bath at a hotel? How was your experience? Do you normally hang out alone? Lets talk in the comments section below.