Birthday Ootd: Red Bodcon sexness

Hey lovelies!

Happy belated birthday to me yaayyy…on 27th June i celebrated my birthday with a dinner date with my couple friends Grace and her hubby Stewart at Lavanda Hotel.

I had a wonderful time with them, we ate our usual fries and liver plus soft drinks. While at it we had an amazing chat of about living your life outside your busy schedules,work and kids. So many hang out places in Kampala but we keep procrastinating giving escuses of being busy tired, no friends to hang out with. The bottom line was, whether with friends or not…go for it,go out and have fun. We also realised how we don’t have so many friends and this is all because we keep ourselves indoors and we expect new friends to come knocking hmmm.

I thank God for another year, thank you Lord, you have been so good to me.

I wore a red bodcon turtle kneck dress and black strapless heels plus a gold clutch, loved this look, i looked 20 again lol…i love the fact that am returning to my normal size after almost one year postpartum.


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