Different looks on how to Rock a Blazer

Hey Lovelies!

So the other day i had a job interview and i looked through my wardrobe for something to wear to my surprise i could barely find an outfit that would make me look professional and stylish at the same time…after several minutes of matching different looks, boom blazers came to my mind. I got my black pants,black sleevless sheer top with my nude heels and threw on my grey blazer,accessorised with a navy hand bag and pearl earings and i was ready to go. This was a professional but effortlessly stylish look to rock for an interview. This grey blazer saved my day

I love me some blazers because they save the day. Are you going for work,date night,visiting a friend? Then make blazers your best friend. Buy them in different sizes and make sure they fit well. If you want to achieve a professional look invest in blacks,whites and grey colored blazers, if it is for a playful look then bright colors would do the trick.

Blazers can change any look,from boring to edgy, to stylish and chic. Below are different looks to rock a blazer.

Photo credit; Google images


Angel mbeks


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