Event: Roast and Rhyme kampala

Hey Lovelies!

Last weekend was the roast and rhyme event. This is a Musical chillax Family day out event by the lake where you go relax,mingle,and catch up with friends and family while sipping on wine,sodas,juices and keeping your teeth busy on roasted meat. It was held at Munyonyo at Jahazi pier, entrance was 50k Ushs. This is such an amazing event to take your loved ones out sit on the grass or dance yourself away to the cooleat music ever.

This time,the event was all about ragga and ragae and there were so many top artists like Micheal ouma, Janzi band, to mention but a few. I hope to attend the next season because even kids(Will have to take my little Gabby with me) are entertained as well…so basically its a family day out.

So many slay queens and kings slayed on this event while taking instagram selfies and snapchat videos. The place was filled up and i must say it was a success.

Have you ever attended such outdoor events? What was your experience

Photo credit: RoastandRyhme and Nelly Salvatore

Thank you

Angel Mbeks

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