My Labour & Delivery Story

Hello Lovelies!

Romans : 8 : 28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

On Thursday 24th August 2017 my water started leaking, so i told my husband and he suggested that the next day we go for check up. I was 39 weeks pregnant by then and i was remaining with 7 days to finish the 40 weeks mark(9 months).

The nurse tested my waters and indeed it was not the usual urine but the amniotic acid from the baby! The Nurse said it is risky to let me go back home so she said i have to be admitted and then put on antibiotics to prevent the baby from getting infected.

That friday was my husband’s birthday and i did not for once think that i would be admitted that day, it was my off day as well and i was hoping to start duty the next day ( my vacation was starting on September…but as you know, God’s plans are not Man’s.)

My husband ran back home got a few baby clothes and food to eat for the night…apart from the antibiotics drip, my contractions were also being monitored. For the whole night the contractions did not come. Earlier on the Nurse had said that if my contractions come then i would give birth if not still they could not let me go home(it’s risky for the baby) and i may end up with a C-section. So my prayer was for God to bring on the contractions as this was my first baby(having a C-section would be a set back for my future pregnancies)

The Night Doctor came in at midnight checked my Cervix but it had not dialeted an inch and my baby’s head was still high(it had engaged though not in pelvis) this did not look good at all. So she said lets wait till morning time and see if my cervix will dialate and my baby’s head go down in pelvis.

Next day Saturday my doctor came in(when i was admitted on friday she was off duty but she had insructed me that incase of any emergency i should go to the maternity ward). So she came in and did all the check ups but the condition was still the same, no contractions, cervix not dilated and baby’s head still high! Yet the waters were still leaking.

So my doctor suggested that i should be induced(i was inserted with Pitocin) and she said we wait for 6 hours for it to be active. But after 6 hours still my contractions did not come… i did not feel anything!!

you can not imagine what was going on in my mind! I was scared to death and my prayer was for God to keep my baby safe.

My Doctor came in and said “Angella we have tried pitocin induction but it has failed and we can not use the drip induction it will be too painful for you since the baby is head is not yet in the pelvis. The baby is tired and the amniotic acid is drying up, so the only option we have is for you to go under C-Section”

Me and my Husband told our Doctor that we do not want c-section we want normal Delivery but the Doctor insisted that the condition around our baby does not accept it so we either go in for c-section to save our baby’s life or we wait for contractions to come naturally but on condition that we sign an agreement that, we the parents chose to risk the baby’s life and wait(in otherwards if we wait and something happens to the baby the blame will be on us not the Doctor.)

The doctor gave us fifteen minutes to make a decision either to go in for a C-section or wait(on our own risk after signing the paper)…

You can imagine first time parents who have been waiting for our first born for all these months and now we have to make such a hard decision. Me and my husband agreed that this is not only about us but also about the life of our baby and we want to see her alive so we called in the Doctor after making the Decision- Yes let us go in for C-section.

I went in for C-section and in a few minutes we welcomed our baby girl Gabriella to the world on 26/ August / 2017, she was very healthy and beautiful as well. I was taken back to my admission room for recovery and after 3 days they let us go…so many friends came to visit us and showered Gabriella with Gifts.

The challenges i faced was, i did not have my family with me in Dubai so it was me and my husband, i did not get all the pampering like other women do but thank God my Husband did the best.

All in all am grateful to God for giving us a lovely daughter and i know everything happens for a reason. Am thankful to God that i came out of the operation alive and my healing process was a success

I had all this fear of pregnancy,delivery and motherhood but so far God has seen me through. . Today my Gabby is 5 months old and i can not wait to celebrate her first birthday. I have learnt a lot as a first time mother like forexample being selfless.

To all first mothers out there, you can do it, do not let fear distract you from your destiny.

To all C-section mothers, you are heros because you carried your baby for all that long and you brought her into the world alive…so do not let any one make you think that you are not a woman enough for not being able to give birth naturally. At the end of the day it is about you and your baby coming out of the delivery room alive and kicking. Remember God never makes mistakes and nothing happens without his knowledge.

Click here to watch the video as well as narrate my delivery story on my youtube Channel.

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