Gabriella meets Grandparents.

Hello there!

Last Friday evening we set off to Masaka to take our little girl Gabriella meet her grand parents(my in Laws). If you have ever been to Masaka you know how far the place is, almost two hours when using public transport…but since it was me,my husband and Gabby, the journey was far from boring.

We reached at around 8pm, all hungry and tired. They welcomed us with open arms and were beyond excited to meet their Grand daughter for the first time.

One of the highlights of our visit was the non stop food we had lol, they couldn’t let our jaws to rest even a second…there was a variety of food and all in plenty. I ate till i passed out, literally the food was alot, thanks to the Grand ma kitchen skills. The hospitality was beyond our expectation.

Gabby also had achance to meet the siblings to his Grand pa, who were so much fun to hang out with. Not forgetting little Jennipher, (a 3 year old) grand ma’s Niece,she was alot of fun,made Gabriella so happy.

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