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Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

On October 23rd,we went to church to have our lovely two months old daughter for Christening or as many know it as Dedication. This is where a baby is dedicated before God to grow up in a Godly manner. Since she is still young we do dedication instead of Baptism. So when she grows up and understands thats when Baptism is carried out knowing why she is baptised.

It was such an honor to have her christened by our senior Pastor in our Abu dhabi church in the presence of God and church members as witnesses.

Gabby was dolled up in a pretty floral dress,head ribbon,pants and white pants…she slayed indeed. Me and hubby went smart casual and i wore my floral jumpsuit and white blazer and sealed off the look with strappy heels…just a perfect look for an evening service..i did not want to be too formal & too casual so the blazer & heels helped me achieve this look. My husband wore a black long sleeved shirt,brown pants and casual shoes…he looked handsome as always.

Gabriella was very peaceful during the whole ceremony and oh my she made new friends as well. Our fellow church members who had not seen her since she was born went speechless at how beautiful and amazing out little girl was.

Below am sharing with you the photos of the ceremony