Ootd: Sleeveless Denim Jacket

Motherhood Never Felt This Good…

Hey lovelies!

Rocked this black free dress with leather jacket,black sandals and accessorised with a green head scarf while i went window shopping(Left Gabriella sleeping and her Dad was watching her).

This is such an effortless stylish look that i like rocking. The scarf added a playful chic vibe. What do you think of this look. Am so in love with scarves lately because of the bad hair days i have while doing mummy duties.

Did i say that my last Dr appointment, i found out i lost 4kg…oh wow, am getting back to my size…one step at a time.

Also as am writing, it is 6:23 am and Gabby is back to sleep after breastfeeding…and the reason am able to blog is because Gabby slept the whole night(i only fed her twice) without keeping me awake and dozing like she normally does…

We also found out that her sight is improving day by day…she can now see(well not fully ofcourse) us and follow us with her eyes. I can’t believe my girl is growing into a big girl…indeed motherhood never felt so good.

Till Next time.


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