Hello lovelies!

On friday my princess made one

Month old yay am so thankful to God for the far we have come.

Gabby has achieved several milestones since we brought her home like being able to turn her head from side to side and lifting it up when put her on the shoulders,her umblical code healing,gurgling,weight gain(after having a good latch),playing with her hands and feet and giving us beautiful smiles often.

The Challenges Gabby has faced are;Diaper and skin rash(eczema), i have tried to apply creams but change is gradual,still we taking other the necessary precautions for complete healing.

The challenges i have faced is back ache due to breast feeding and also recently she resents being put down,she always want to be in our arms and most of the time when hubby is at work am alone and i have to keep carrying her which brings me back pain. Spending most of the time in the house without going out can be abit boring since Gabby is still not old enough to be carried in a carrier so now movies and Tv series are my current faves. We have a stroller but we lazy to use it so most times when we go to hospital or studio(like this saturday),hubby carries her in his hands. Sleep deprivation is another challenge we facing as she keeps waking up at night and i have to breast feed and put her to bed but recently she is starting to sleep better.

Solution; To heal diaper rash we advised to let Gabby stay diaper free as much as possible and also to use diaper rash cream . For skin rash we are told that it will go away by its self but my family back home says when she gets bathed in “kyogero(ugandan herbal meds for skin care)” her skin will get back to normal so am looking forward to that. For sleep deprivation we trying to sleep whenver she sleeps so that by the time she wakes up,we not sleepy as well. when it comes to back ache and also for Gabby to catch sleep easily,am advised to feed her while she is lying im her bed other than lifting her on my laps all the time,also hubby do give massages for my back. The Air condition here sometimes is too cold which is not good for Gabby. Another challenge i faced was the fact that most clothes i bought her don’t fit her so i use the little that fits and kept the rest for when she grows up.

We hoping to go for vacation at the end of October ,so excited. Everyone one wants to meet Gabriella. Am looking forward for help from sisters and relatives.

Below is the footshoot for Gabby at 1 month which we took on saturday. This photoshoot was not an easy one as getting such poses from Gabby was a hustle lol she kept playing and wanting to breastfeed instead of looking into the camera. All in all we had so much fun.

About our outfits,Gabriella wore a pink tulle dress accessorised with a pink head band with ribbon,white socks and scratch mittens). Me and hubby decided to go all white so hubby wore a white shirt with white shorts and black white sneakers. I wore an off shoulder top with damaged white skinnys,silver sandals and red & blue scarf on the head for a more fun look. Our outfits looked effortlessly stylish and i loved every photo as you will see below.

Am looking forward to celebrating our princess Gabriella’s one year Birthday in Jesus’ name.

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