Surprise Baby Shower

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Hey lovelies, it’s been a minute! Hope your doing well.

Today marks the end of the 8th month of my pregnancy and now am entering my last month. And what a better way to celebrate that milestone than a suprise baby shower from our church friends.

So on Friday(27/7/2017) evening me and hubby had a program of visiting our friend who happens to be a nurse/midwife so that she can share with us the A-z of preparing for our baby girl.

On reaching the venue, my eyes fell on a decorated room with lovely ladies shouting supriiiise…!! I was swept off my feet because i couldn’t believe my husband did not give me a hint.

To cut the story short…i had a great time and received beautiful baby gifts from our friends. It was a last minute baby shower and most of our friends didn’t make it but promised to send in their gifts.

I just want to take this opportunity and thank my dear husband for making this day happen because i did not expect it (well since i don’t have very close friends who could have planned it for me so i had zero expectations) at all.

All along i was hurting inside that since this is my first baby, having no baby shower thrown for me(since it is a taboo to throw yourself one) would be so sad….but hey God heard my cry.

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