Happy Birthday(27/june) to me

Happy belated Birthday to me!

On Tuesday was my birthday yay, am so greatful to God for another year he has added to me, i do not take it for granted…am thankful to God.
I celebrated my birthday with my husband, we went for our first pregnancy photoshoot(i will be sharing the photos soon)..the photos are amazing.

From the photoshoot,we changed into casual outfits and went to the mall for dinner which was so yummy and later we headed to the movies to watch Wonder woman. I really wanted to watch this movie on my birthday because every one was talking about how amazing it is and i must say, it didn’t disapoint.

About my outfit, i wore a white off the shoulder top with stretchy red pants and i accessorised with red chandlier earings,Lv tote bag and silver flats. Loved this look, it was simple but stylish…the off shoulder top gave a chic look to the entire outfit. Since we are in summer season, off shoulder trend is so on in the middle east and i loved rocking it for the first time. I hope to buy more of these outfits.

There you have it, my birthday celebration. I must say that this birthday i planned everything my self, and am proud of it. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and make your self happy, do what you love, spend on your self. If you don’t celebrate your self first, who will? I knew my husband had not made plans for my birthday this time around and so i had to do something for my self instead of staying in bed angry at him because at the end of the day it is your happiness and your life. This is the last birthday as a girl(don’t know the right word to use lol), by next birthday i will be some ones mother…wow!

On my birthday i was 7 months and 3 days pregnant. As am writing now am 7 months and 5 days. I can not believe i have less than two months left to have my little one here….Ebenezar!


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