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Hello Lovelies, happy Saturday!

Yasss am officially done with the 2nd trimester and now looking forward to the last stage of pregnancy and that is the 3rd trimester. Today am 27 weeks and starting my last stage from today till i deliver my pumpkin.

I thought i would be able to share week by week of my pregnancy with you guyz but then i got caught up with work and am always fatigued but still am here to give you a wrap up of my 2nd trimester.

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Symptoms and changes i have heard throughout my 2nd trimester were; I started feeling my baby move, oh my God this was such a turning point in my life…it was an assurance that i will never feel alone anymore because my little pumpkin is there to comfort me. My uterus started expanding, and my abdomen grew larger. I have been feeling dizzy sometimes,My body could ache especially my lower back,increased apetite,started seeing some stretch marks on my breasts…i hope it doesn’t spread to other areas because i have been using a stretch mark cream. skin changes like darkening of the skin around my nipples,patches of darker skin,itching(am still experiencing this). I have been having dreams every single day in this stage and also started snoring lol, i have had some bit of swelling on my fit but it went away.

According to healthline.com; during 2nd trimester the baby’s organs become fully developed. It can also start to hear and swallow, Small hairs become noticeable. Later on the baby begins to move around. It will develop sleeping and walking cycles. The baby is now 14 inches in length and weigh a little over two pounds(about the size of cauliflower). My baby is getting bigger and smarter each day yay.

I have been going through various tests on my Doctor appointments. Which include Ultrasounds, blood pressure measurement,weight checking,diabetes screening and other tests. During this stage i was able to find out my baby’s gender(so excited) which i will be revealing to you very soon.

In order to stay healthy,am expected to continue taking prenatal vitamins,exercise regularly especially pelvic exercise( i have been doing more of taking steps instead of lifts and walking exercise),also am advised to avoid certain foods.

What is still pending that am yet to do, is touring the hospital maternity ward,building my baby nursery,writing my birth plan. Taking educational classes like labour class,Lamaze classes,first aid classes and parenting classes. I have been getting help from Baby centre website where i have learnt alot on this journey.

There you have it, my 2nd trimester journey. Am looking forward to a successful 3rd timester in Jesus’ name. I would appreciate any tips from you guys to help me go through my last three months wonderfully.


Angel Mbeks