What a bad Day! Failed to make it to Church 

I can not believe that after a almost a week of not attendimg church,i was hoping to attend today but i ended up missing church….well let me explain
So i had finished all my chores, showered, put on my makeup and my comfy maxi dress and rushed to catch the church bus…on reaching at church i went to the wash room then,one girl tells me that my dress was too light people could easily see my white Underwear…looking at my butt i was like “how in the hell did i not see it while still in the house!”

So i had to rush out of the church washroom to find a nearest shop so thati could buy a temporary peticoat or some kind of soft skirt to put underneath before church starts at 8pm. Our church zone is a bit far from the shops so i had to walk a distance.  You can not believe that i walked for almost 30 minutes looking everywhere for a clothing store and i couldn’t find any…all the shops open where selling party dresses….i felt so heart broken that i had to first reach church and then suffer like this.

I was trying to avoid spending on a taxi to the nearest mall but i realised time was not on my side  so i chose to take a taxi to Mushrif Mall. I thought i would pay like 6 dirhams since i heard the mall(never been there) was not so far.  Usually the taxi metre starts counting from 3 dirhams and it keeps increasing till your final destination but but to my suprise it started counting from 5.45 dirhams, so i asked the taxi guy “how come it is starting from 5 and not 3aed as always” and he was like “madam from this month, that is how its gonna be and minimum spend is 12aed(even if you stop at 10aed, still you have to pay 12aed), this is the new system by Abu dhabi taxis”…..are you kidding me right now!  well i had no choice and i ended up paying 13aed. It really hurts spending on something you never planned for.

By the time i reached the mall, my feet were  hurting. I entered into a shop to find a peticoat that fit but they were all big size and the only size that fit me was not in the color i needed. I went to the other shops but in my head i was already fed up and i really never wanted to buy a peticoat ( i have several at home)…so i ended up not buying it plus i was too tired, couldn’t walk the entire mall to find one and felt like maybe God did not wish me to go to church today plus i knew i will not enjoy church after such a scenario.

I came out of the mall and sat at the bus station to wait for the bus back home ofcourse church had already started 1 hour ago. The bus came i sat in and tears rolled in my eyes till i reached my stop.

I went straight to a restaurant near our home and bought a take away burger plus a fanta orange because i felt that thats the only thing that could make me feel better(these days food has become my other good friend)

Here i am on the couch looking at the wall clock, it is 11pm and church is done and i have not attended yet i was one of the first people to reach there at 7:40pm.

In my heart i kept asking my self why this has happened to me, what is God trying to teach me in all this?  on checking my family whatsup group…i see messages that it is on this date  that dad died 2 years ago (well i still remember this day like it was yesterday)…may your soul RIP Dad.

The bible says, 

1 Thessalonians 5:18In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

My day might have ended up on a sad note but am grateful that i managed to wake up alive. Moreso, walking is such a great exercise during pregnancy..maybe God saw that my baby needed it at that moment. 

Have you ever had such a bad day that you heard to shade tears? let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Bless your heart; I’m glad to see that you overcame and was able to write about your experience. I’ve been in your spot more than once and it was always a humbling experience. Tears release the hurt, frustration and sometimes confusion we feel deep in our heart and this emotional pause could be God doing something to get us to stop and focus on Him.

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