Mother of the Nation Festival Abu Dhabi #motn

Hello Saturday!
On April 31st i attended the Mother of the nation festival that took place at corniche beach for the first time and i must say it was such a wonderful experience. 

The Mother of the Nation Festival celebrates,commemorates and honours the inspirational values of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.

Throughout multiple and diverse activity zones, the festival creates an entertaining and highly interactive atmosphere that welcomes families and individuals from all walks of life. Visitors are invited to enjoy a day out on the Corniche and participate in this unique community event that celebrates the best aspects of contemporary culture within Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

I realised that in my first trimester of pregnancy i did not go out to have fun due to morning sickness & nausea, so 2nd trimester was pay back time  to get out more whenever i have an off day from work and this is my first activity that i went to. I went a bit early so that i could take a video and photos of all the activities before it  was dark and over crowded. The Motn Festival happens every year and this time it was from March 26th-April 4th 2017

Been lazy to post the photos and videos because the video was a bit long to edit plus i have space storage issues. Motn festival suits families mostly because of the kids games zones everywhere. Hopeful next year i will be able to bring my little one also 🙂 . 

About my outfit, i wore a rainbow tunic with leggings and sandals and sealed the look with my yellow cross back…this was a perfect look for a perfect bright weather and occassion…so comfy and stylish as well.

I enjoyed the music,great scenery,the food and ofcourse selfies. Thanks to the good weather. 

Check out the video for a more live action and details…because if i start to write everything that happened on this day i will surely finish tomorrow. I know when the baby comes i will have a little time to attend such event so i have to use this chance lol. The festival was untill midnight but i had to leave at 7pm because i was alreadt tired, i came at 3pm in the afternoon.

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