Style tips; Winter Outerwear Must haves

Hello loveles,winter is here…i mean this side the coldness is increasing everyday…i don’t know about your country but i guess Europe and USA it is already winter season.

check out my youtube video below.

I would like to share with you my list of winter outerwear style must haves to keep you warm, comfy yet stylish. Without further urdo lets do this;

1. Trench coat



With all this coldness that is out there ….never leave the house without a trench coat. This keeps you warm and chic at the same time. A trench coat is one of my favorite in this seaso plus it elevates your look.

2. A scarf & Beanies

womens winter scarf - knit chuky large scarf - peach
womens winter scarf – knit chuky large scarf – peach



what’s winter without a scarf around your neck? dress your neck in style with a heavy scarf to save you from this cold weather.

It doesn’t make sense when your whole body is warm but your head is freaking freezing…how about a warm beanie to save the day?




This is another substitute for a tench coat that must be in your winter wardrobe essentials this season. Did I say that sweaters and hoodies are more affordable than trench coats?

4. Boots & Sockings & Gloves





I do not expect you to wear flip flops or any kind of open shoes while walking outside otherwise your feet will freeze so badly…so invest in good pair of knee high boots,ankle boots to complement your look.

Sockings..bring more warmth to your feet as well as gloves to your hands so do not forget to shop for several pairs next time you hit the store.

Those are my winter must haves outwears, i would like to hear yours maybe i could add them to my list. Let me know in the comments section below.


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