Hello lovelies so somebody yesterday hacked into my account-i don’t know if it was hacked or they found it logged on(coz i remember opening my blog account several times on public computers two days back…maybe i forgot to sign out God knows.)

So this person who seems to know that am a newly wed, went on to write a blog on this site and published it…i don’t know if y’all read it but it was embarrassing, i think ikomusana read it because she clicked the like button(and thats how i got to see the post… If she had not liked it, i wouldn’t get to know about it..so when i opened the notification Oops!  i realised that this was not me who wrote this post!

If you read any post from my blog that went like “am so scared because this month…..blah blah” it wasn’t written by me but some one fodged it & wrote it on my behalf to hurt me. I have deleted the post and i have changed my password plus logging off of all other devices(i reported to wordpress as well to track the hacker)..so now it’s all good. I have learnt the hard way…the enemy is a liar and nothing fashioned against me shall prosper.

About my outfit i wore this grey dress with flats and red tote bag. Since it was sunny i had to put on my shades as well. Loved this outfit because it was comfortable and stylish as well. You can rock it while running erands in the city. Here i was heading to the city to shop christmas decor items and this look was perfect for the day. 

Oh by the way this dress was given to me by my brother’s Girlfriend and i loved it so i wore it lol

I will be sharing with you guyz my tiny but beautiful christmas tree that i bought and decorated so well,am so in love with it.

Am also working on my wall photo gallery and i hope to share with you as well.

I have a lot in store for you lovelies,just keep it locked on my blog for more.

I wonder what you have been up to this christmas season. Let me know in the comments section below.Has your sit ever been hacked? how did you handle it…again see you in the comments section.