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Hello lovelies hope all is well with you…well back at me am so happy that we finally got a studio apartment that we have been searching for since we returned from vacation. If you watch my YouTube channel you know about this already). This is going to be our first official home as Hubby and wife Yay.

Shifting and organizing has been such a daunting and  tiresome process and up to now our studio is still disorganized as we yet to buy furniture plus lack of time(this is because we all do morning ours and later we go to church  for evening services-God first in our small Family.) to stay home and organise.

Since there is no church these three days we hope to go straight home from work to start organizing our place…so wish us luck guys.

I believe we all have those types of friends we don’t normally talk to due to distance but whenever you meet again it’s like nothing  has changed and they are the type of friends you will count on to be there fore you through it all…for me it is this friend of mine called Gracey.

Gracey and  I have been friends since University and when I came here abroad we stopped  communicating but our friendship did not end. when I went back  to Uganda for  my vacation we resumed from where we had stopped and she was very supportive manually towards my wedding preparations. Despite me being a bridezella, Grace was such an amazing matron very patient and understanding. Thank you Grace.

We all need friends who can be there for us through it all, it may not be financially but also psychologically. We are all not perfect but if the friendship is worth saving then go ahead and make that call to that long time friend you miss now.

About the outfits, I wore a mustard oversized arms top with my leopard print pants and beaded sandles while Gracey wore dark blue skinny jeans and a pink top…

we had gone to the salon for retouch and also to do my weding makeup trial(as you can see am all glammed up) then later we went to book for the hotel room nearby where the brides maids would sleep the night before the wedding.

Afterwards we went home dressed up and attended her niece’s graduation which was a success…the food was amazing.

These are such relaxed looks which you can wear on a weekend for the girls day out for coffee, movie night or shopping.

Do you have such a friend you take long without seeing but when you get in touch it feels like you were never apart? How many friends can you count on when you need them? Let me know in the comments section below.