Where have i been? #AmNewlyWed!!

Mr and Mrs Mutekanga

Hey lovelies, how are you doing? Hope your all doing great…..i know i knoow its been some good time(Almost 2 months i guess) since i last wrote a blog post but i have strong reasons for my Absence just scroll down and find out. 

My Second traditional dress during engagement ceremony

By the way did i say that i missed you guys? yes i did…so much.

Ok so on 18/Sep/2016 i went back home for my vacation and mainly to prepare for my official tradition engament ceremony and white wedding. Having two functions all in the same month was so stressfull and tiring but memorable as well…i was always in the city centre almost everyday running errands along with my matron and sister that our legs hurt so bad. 

I couldn’t get my eyes off him

From bridal  shopping to meeting various vendors, trust me i couldn’t find time to even read any of your beautiful posts. So with the help of my Family and friends and God above all, our Engagement Ceremony took place on 22/Oct/2016 which was a success…had the best of time when my husband came home with his relatives to take me officially…i couldn’t believe my eyes lol.

Me and hubby on our engagement Ceremony
with beautiful sisters in-law

Then we had our white wedding on 29/Oct/2016 and believe me you this was the sweetest day of my life…had alot of fun with friends and family but most of all exchanging vows with my wonderful husband was everything.

We couldn’t let go of each other-So breath taking
All smiles

Think i have answered your question. I have shared a few photos of my engagement & white wedding(Asked my photographer to edit for me some) hope to share with you more photos of each function in details when they are out.

There you have it…Am officially a married woman “Mrs. Angella Mutekanga” yay Glory to God. Ebenezer.

Good to be back!!!!

Angel mbeks.


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