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Hey Beautiful people, how have y’all been doing? hope your great as i am.

Last thursday i went out with my Husband-to-be(two months to our wedding yay)  for his birthday celebration…Happy birthday hun 🙂

Since i was night shift that day and bae was doing morning shift, we did not have enough time to prepare something huge. So we went to some Ugandan restaurant that has recently opened months ago for  local dishes. 

We reached there 6pm but unfortunately we did not find our favorite dish “matooke(mashed green bananas)” but still still we loved a taste of other foods so we ate posho,cassava,Gongya(i don’t know the English name…is it even there? lolz ) with Beans and peas sauce. Food was so yummy that our Noses sweated lolz..can’t wait to be back to uganda next month to eat from the source. 

Throughout our lunch, we were having great company from other ugandan customers seated  on the other tables across who expressed their anger about the greedy newly elected Members of Parliament like Kato Lubwama(the new Rubaga North MP) who betrayed their trust by asking for very expensive cars to be Purchased for them  out of tax payers money. 

It was lots of Debating & laughters in there as we enjoyed our cassava & beans…..felt like home 🙂
After our late lunch, bae cut his all white vanilla  birthday cake and we shared it with the staff & other customers in the restaurant. Because we love sharing.

From there, we headed to the mall to catch a movie at the Novo Cinema…we were just in time for the  commedy flick Skiptrace that we enjoyed from the beginning to the end in company of cheese popcorns & iced cold coctail Juice. 

Infact we never wanted the Movie to end. I mean what do you expect with Jack chan in  action lol…though he is growing older, he was on top of his kungufu Tai chi game hahahaha.

Guys you better grab your self this movie, trust me you will enjoy it. It has No age restriction so the Kids(if you have a family) will love it too.

Sigh…So that’s how we spent his birthday, i was so happy seeing a smile on his face throughout the celebration. Oh and the video on this day is coming up soon…so subscribe to my youtube channel.

How do you normally celebrate your loved one’s birthday? Do you do anything speacial or you sit back on the couch in your pajamas with a basket of Popcorns and go netflix marathon? Would love to hear from you in the comment section below.  Lets be friends on Instagram


Angel Mbeks.