Own Your Happiness × Blues & Reds ootd.

You’re responsible for your own happiness. Don’t ever count on some one else to give you happiness, make your own.

If you’re are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?

While planning for my wedding, i have realised that, i put all my focus on the wedding day and how things are going turn out that i forget to live now..stress free, & enjoying each day as it passes…i feel that once my wedding is accomplished then thats it-full happiness straight up…. i tend to forget to live in the moment,to live day by day!!

Like last time we got a misunderstanding with bae and then i spent days unhappy..meaning i let my relationships drive my happiness.When in good terms am happy and the resverse is true…but is that the right way to live my life!
Do you relate? Often times we tend to base our happiness on loved ones, friends, achievements and  when they disappoint us, we get depressed and our world get crashed…we feel like life is not worth living any more whic is wrong.

We should remember that life is like a roller coaster drive, it goes up & down  and at times it gets wild  cray crazy, meaning that… people change, our hopes  may not be as we wished for so if we base our happiness on the Life’s journey then we have lost the whole meaning of owning our happines.

Don’t let any one  drive your happines, let it come within you, choose to be happy no matter what..lets stop procrastinating our happiness,lets not stop living in the moment, lets be contented within our selves that no matter  what happens outside of us , it is just a bonus(with or without it, am happy within me) ….

Most of us  be like “when i get married then i will be happy, when i get my degree then i have reached lol,or when i get my dream job then i will be the happiest girl in the whole world….etc”  What  if those things don’t happen then what? Are you gonna stop living a happy life? …time waits for no one, so lets live in the moment, lets stop stressing over everything and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Its good to plan for the future but again we have to live each day as it is our last…live, love, laugh…spoil your self for once…because life is too short  to waste it crying over disappointments, stressing over our future plans. 

You want those shoes,that nice dress…or that pending backet list …..go get it, its either now or never…a happy you is equal to long life.

My outfit was a chic comfy look of blue high low top which i wore before here, Acid washed jeans then accessorised with red flat shoes,and my summer shade. 

As usual the sun was shinning as hell, my blouse is of a chiffon material, so it was weather friendly. The red flats added  a chic look to the entire outfit. 

Style Tip: A pop of color in accessiories can do magic to your outfit, so invest in bright colored accessories like bags, shoes, statement necklaces & scarfs.

Was this topic helpful?  Do you own your happines or you let others/ things dictate when & how you should be happy? Either way Let me know in the comments section below.

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Angel mbeks


  1. Angel, such an inspiational post, I have a really strong personality so I often get mad with my boyfriend, but he’s so calm and patience that most of the time I realize that the problem with being mad it’s with myself, not with him.

    Happiness is right now and not tomorrow or any other day.

    PS. Love your blouse. ❤

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