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Hey Beautiful people, how are y’all doing? Hope your doing fine…. as for me, am just counting down days to my vacation date in September…can’t wait to be in uganda this year yayyy…

So this friday i went out with my girl Sharifah for a girls day out and trust me we had the best of time. We did lots of window shopping and many more activities as you  read ahead…


We  went to a ugandan restaurant where we ate our best dishes(this was the best part)…the excitement i always have when i go to the ugandan restaurant is heavenly because am always looking forward to ordering my best dish( ground nuts with fish & Matooke/bananas). The passion fruit juice was also fresh & cold(it’s all i needed to relax heated throat)

Not only did we enjoy the shopping & the food but also the entire experience was memorable…i just love being outside the house and when i get a chance i take advantage of it.

I wore a  stripped red & off white  maxi dress  and accesorised with a thorny necklace,shades,african beaded sandals and sealed off the look with my fave LV bag. Sharifah wore a Checkered shirt dress with leggings and trainer and she finished her look with a brown cross bag.

Our outfits were comfy & effortlessly stylish that had no difficulty walking around the city plus the shades saved us from the crazy sun.And also with the endless conversations and laughters, the scorching sun made a loss as we did not fall culprits to its torture since we were busy chatting & laughing our lungs out hahaha…you know how girls be like.

 I must say,those water sellers made lots of profit from us anti the more we jazzed,the more our throats dried hahaha lol what summer isn’t doing to our bodies hmmm…God knows!

I must say the day was well spent and we will surely do it again sometime to come. That was my weekend…soo how was yours like? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow me,click my social pages links below.



Angel Mbeks.