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​Helo Lovelies, so today in the Style 101 segment, we are going to learn about the color wheel..some of you may know it but do not fully exhaust its use, my self  inclusive and others may be hearing about it for the first time…either way, i got you covered so sit back and grab a cup of tea while scrolling through the post.

What is a color wheel?🎒 As per google, it is a circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors 

👜 Wikepedia defines Color wheel as an abstract illustrative organisation of color hues around a circle,which shows the relationship between peimary colors,secondary colors,tertiary colors.

As far as fashion & style goes, a color wheel comes in handy as regards to color cordinating outfits like a pro…to master the art of color mixing, you need to first understand the color wheel indepth.

 Often times we here the fashion gurus calling certain outfits by names like neutrals,monochromatic,analogous but we have no idea what they are talking about…well just so you know, its all the magic of the color wheel.

While doing my research via google, i came across Emma Klug’s blog thestylenote and she really did a great job in explaining indepth the color wheel theory as regards to outfit  color cordination. Check the detailed post here and we learn together.  From her blog post i got some images below for illustration. 

Cool and Warm colors






Split Complementary

I also passed by Pinterest and i got handful of pins on the same issue…scroll down and learn.


theStylenote-color combinations



Do you think the color wheel is the driver of Fashion & style? Is the color wheel affect your outfit color cordination? Have you learnt something? Lets talk in the comments section below.

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