Color in Summer


“Take control of your own life, don’t let anyone take your joy, you only live once, make the most …”


That moment when you wake up in a good mood, ready to face the day and in a blink of an eye your wiping tears from your eyes with a thousand questions going through your tiny head ….How in the hell am i gonna go through this? Will this come to an end? Why me? Why all this pain am feeling ?


We all have those days where our negative thoughts put pressure on us  and we end up in fear of what is gonna happen next.
Those days when you receive bad news day in and day out. Many times you’ve tried to get off social media for good because it has caused more harm than good in your life but then you think twice about it because again it is the only company you got…any one agree?


As long as you are on this earth,you gonna encounter various situations that will try to bring you down, pushing you  to give up on your dreams but, you got to be strong, take a stand,guard your heart jealously and don’t let any negativity get in…its your life not any one else’s so control it. 

Try as much as possible to be happy, take care of your self, do what makes you happy. If the stress is too much hit the gym(i do that and it works magic),watch a commedy movie, read the bible.



Let no one control your emotions, you are your own happiness, don’t wait for tomorrow to be happy, create your own joy.


Time lost will never be redeemed so live in the moment, focus on the positive side.  whatever happens shake it off and continue on your life Journey. One day you will look back and say to your self “it was worth the fight’.



I wore this outfit to church, i just like wearing color in Summer, it brightens up my day..the printed Jumpsuit & Pink Blazer were everything stylish in this look,not forgeting my shades,sandals,chain Necklace  & LV bag.

Oh my birthday is in one weeks time on 27th June…i can’t wait. yayyy.

Are you livng your life to the fullest? What do you think of my look? Let me know in the comments section below.

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