Hey lovelies,this is another segment that am introducing on  the blog. It is all about the in-depth understanding of fashion &s style for beginners. I love Style and i always make it a point to do image consultation online in order to improve my personal style.


So todays style 101 is all about body types. What’s style without the right clothes on a right body? Style is nothing without fit. You can wear a  five thousand dollar outfit but if it is not meant for your individual body type then you will  only look tacky.


I know we all have ever come across people who have dressed in certain clothes that do not do justice on their bodies at all . So in order to avoid such scenarios it is good to know what fits perfectly on your body type.


we ought to understand that different Clothes styles look better on some than others….so to look your best you need to dress for your body type.

This brings me to the question, What is your Body type? 


I for one i belive i have a Pear(fruit) shaped body type. A pear shape in simple terms means your  upper body is small(small shoulders,flat tummy) and  your lower body is large(large hips & butt). Thats how i understand it.


As an African girl i love wearing clothes that bring out my hips, my waist and my legs so clothes like Body con dresses/skirts,pencil skirts,skinny jeans etc would look perfectly on me, on the other hand,buggy clothes would not do justice to my body so i rarely wear such clothes unless in winter. So what works for me,may not work on other body types,the reverse is true.



I have done research on various body types and i have put up photo illustrations as you can see and links below to help you understand more about your body type, the Do’s and the Don’ts. Click on them and understand more.

Body shapes by Joyofclothes.com

How to dress for your body Type by sheknows.com

Female body types by Nairaland.com

How to dress for your body type by Bellatory.com

Experts tell me that pear shaped body types should do away with clothes that accentuate my curves in order to have a fuller body but i totally disagree with that… i mean i want to show off what my mama gave me and your telling me to hide it?!!!  are you kidding me lol.

At the end of the day every one has their own perspectives,so pick what works for you and ditch what doesn’t. Remember we all made in God’s image,your beautiful the way you are(don’t risk your life by going for surgery). Love your body and take care of it. Dress right and keep your confidence at 100%

Do you know your body Type? Do you believe dressing for your body type makes you stylish? Was this post Helpful. Lets discuss in the comments section below.