1. Thank you dia…though i have one problem..Snapchat is not verifying my mobile number,they say its invalid…what is the right way to enter it? I tried 00 then country code and the rest but still it doesnt work. Plus my country U.A.E is not there. Help lol

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      1. Oh okay! That is the issue, Angel. If the United Arab nation is not listed, then the Snapchat platform cannot support the number.
        But I just added you on my Snapchat. I’m going to see what it says. One minute…

        Nothing. I have a suggestion. Google the Snapchat window. See what information you can find. The UAE might really be keeping you off the scene.
        But don’t give up! You may find you need a 1-00-and then your number! ๐Ÿ™‚


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