So it is only one day left to Easther Sunday,the day that Jesus ressurrected from the dead,glory to God he is risen yay turn up the music just wanna dance wulululu….hahahaha.
Ok i know your now wondering what to rock on this special day!!! ,my dear rest case  for i got you some ideas to try out from your wardrobe or you go shopping that’s if you got some cash to spend(i can see some of you  already got Easther gifts in form of Cash among others lol so invest in yourself today)

               No.1  When going for Church     Service

a) Ladies


When going for the Easther Sunday church service, dress up in a flared printed dress and accessorise with red pumps,nude classic handbag,pearl earings,camel coat ( in case it gets cold) not forgeting a statement ring and a bracelet. This is such a glamorous look for Christ to find you rocking when he resurrects from the grave.

b)  Gents


A slim fit long sleeve shirt with a grey coloured classic suit pants and black loafers accessorised with a classic watch would do you justice on an Easther sunday morning Service. This is such a well put together to rock on this day,effortless amd stylish.
Style tip; Gents a belt should always match with the shoes,don’t forget that.

               No. 2     After church(hanging out with family)

a) Ladies


Few minutes to the end of the Church service,before the Pastor says “may the grace…”  some of us  are already visualising the dinning table back home full of all types of foods,fruits,deserts and drinks with Easther songs playing on the radio gracing the day hahahha..and you can not wait to hit out of the door to feed your stubborn stomach lol.

So in order to enjoy your Easther lunch, wear comfortable yet stylish bright coloured pieces like this yellow maxi skirt,black tank top and accessorise with pink sandals,cross bag,statement necklace and shades to take you through the day when you have to go out for a movie or hang out in a compound for some drinks.



Shorts and a white t-shirt accessorised with a stripped sweater,checkered scarf,cross bag along with sneakers,glasses and a trilby hat is all you need to look swaggarific,stylish throughout the Easther sunday hanging out with your family or with the boys watching Arsenal hitting Man-utd real bad(no hard feelings) lol.

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Happy Easther to all of you my dear followers


Angel mbeks