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Today’s challenge is about Fake friendships


Sometimes we tend to get depressed when we loose friends we cared so much about but then you should know that there is nothing that happens without God’s permission,he lets such uncomfortable situations  happen in our lives because he has something better in store for us. Let those fake friends go and he will bring those destined to be in your life no matter what.

I remember when i lost this only friend i had just got while i had come here…she was my type only that she was not a saved Christian and what she liked or where she wanted to hang out, would corrupt my beliefs,we ended up breaking up but it really hurt me so bad,because she could not understand that i can not go to certain places that she wanted me to go and despite trying to get her back,she turned a deaf ear till when i let go. I moved on with my life because i knew God has the best in store for me.



Am not saying am perfect but i have really met a bunch of fake friends,they don’t love you for who you are, but for what you can offer them(how selfish)….they will be there when life is perfect but when things go sour,and you need them by your side,they will never appear.

To your suprise when you get back at your feet hooo they will crowd on you like bees on a rose flower and then the cycle continues . Sharita Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad black warned them as soon as she went out of Jail lol and i quote “abo bonna abeyita mikwano gyange benaalinga nabo sagala kubalako era temunsemberera” after learning what they are made of…. To hell with fake friends.


This quote says it all for me,you either a real friend or you get lost period.

I believe real friends are always there come rain come sunshine,they will laugh with you and cry with you. They will be honest with you even though they know it will hurt you  as long as it makes you a better person. They are happy(genuinely happy) for you without hidden Jealousness. Real friends can tell your sad even when your laughing out loud. Real friends are real and not fake.
  Do they even still exist???????????????

Any one ever had fake friends in their lives?! Share with me.

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