It is an honour to be nominated by the sensational claudiamoss thank you dear. Do check out her channel at claudiamoss.com

here are the rules:
1. Tag the person who nominated you and thank them.
2. Answer the 11 questions you are given.
3. Nominate 11 new bloggers and tag them.
4. Give them 11 new questions to answer.
5. Notify your nominees.

My Answers to the Questions

1. Who is your blogging idol? Why?
There are variety of my blogging idols to mention but a few Vogue,fashion bomb daily,madivas(nigeria fashion police),style pantry,popsugar,stylecaster,elle,marie-claire etc

2. What do you love the most about Beauty/Fashion blogging?
What i love about fashion blogging is the fact that my sense of style improves everyday since i always do research on the fashion and style industry in order to stay updated.  First impression says alot about you,so improving my image is my mission.

3. What are your top long-term plans in your blogging career?
-To  make my fashion blog famous on an international level.
-To be an inspiration fashion stylist and image consultant to my readers

4. Who introduced you to the world of make-up?
For this case let me say fashion blogging. Well i got to know about blogging through youtube vloggers and popular fashion blogs that used to pop up whike i was google search fashion questions. I enjoyed watching and reading them so i had to do research about blogging and since i have an history of writing and a love for fashion,i had to merge the two. The rest is history.

5. What is your favorite low-end beauty product? The fav high-end product?
-Ingloth finishing powder

6. What social platform do you enjoy the most?
-Vogue…everything fashion is in there.

7. Have you monetized your blog? If not, when?
-Not yet,at the moment my focus is on developing my blog as a passion and maybe monetizing later.

8. How important is selling fashion over personal narrative content on your blog?
Very important because it is my passion( thats something from my heart,that excites me, i do not get bored when talking fashion),it also brings my personal dreams to life. Am a bit reserved hence selling fashion over personal narrative content.

9. Describe your morning routine.
Wakeup say a word of prayer,read one chapter in the bible,check my phone,go to the shower and grab breakfast.

10. What camera do you use for the pictures on your blog? What camera do you use for beauty vlogging or making videos, if you do that?
At the moment am using my Phone Samsung galaxy S4 for both blogging and my vlogging .Owning a camera is on my top wishlist  right now.

11. Do you have a YouTube channel?
Ofcourse…it is called “angel mbeks” for those who have not yet subscribed,your missing out.


12. Describe your most recent hurdle in any area of your life?
The Struggle of making Long lasting close  friendship( due to consistent disapointments) is always and still my recent hurdle…but now i have learnt not to have high expectations in people.

These are my nominees
3. Ikomusan
4.Gabby SweetStyle
5. A polka-A polka House
6.Tosha Michelle
7.Style token of the day
8. Nkugwa shafic

My questions
1.  How did you get involved in blogging?
2. What have you gained through blogging? have you met some peole through blogging?
3.  Are there times you feel like giving up on your blog? What keeps you going?
4. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
5.  What’s your strategy with your blog in general
6. What is the best thing a blogger can give to his/her readers?
7. How would someone describe your blogging style?
8.Many people struggle with comimg up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog.How  do you keep coming up with material for your blog?
9.What networking do you do that you feel helps your blogging business.
10. What do you find challenging about blogging about your topic?
11. If someone wants to start making money out of their blog,where do they start? How do they find sponsors and so on?

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Angel mbeks