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wondering what to wear during winter season,and still be fashionable and stylish? or maybe you even have those pieces already hanging in your closet but you have no idea how to incorporate them and come up with that winter look? you are in the right place,fasten your sit belt because i got you covered.

As a fashionista i believe there are pieces we all must posses in our closet in order to survive the unbearable coldnes,rain and snow that comes with winter Season. So below are winter street style outfits with tips for your inspiraton.


your winter closet is never complete without the above pieces. with them it can be easy to up your layering game. throw on your jeans,top then add a denim jacket and seal it with a coat and your all layered up.






Hats/ Beanie 

Seriously what’s winter without a hat or beanie??? keep your head warm in style plus the weather is not good for your hair so wearing a hat/beanie on top is like killing two birds with one stone.







I don’t know about you, but as for me fur screams glam and chic. Why not add a fur piece to your wardrobe and look polished this winter season.




Winter whites

A Winter wardrobe is not complete without white hue pieces, white on white is such an edgy timeless trend that rocks in this season plus it looks good on all skin types. I would advise you to layer them in different saturations. i just like white on white outfits,they bring out that sassy look.



statement pieces

Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with statement pieces like a statement Necklace, glasses and bright colored bags for a playful and fun look.




boots(knee high boots,ankle booties)

This is a must have my dears. If you really want to survive the coldness,keep your feet warm with knee high books,ankle booties, the list is endless. Wearing boots keep you cosy but stylish as well.





Do not forget to accessorize your outfit with a scarf, i would recommend blanket scarves for that heavy warmth it radiates to your body. A scarf is a must have piece that should not miss in your closet. Not only do they make you feel warm, they also have the power to glam up your entire outfit like you can see how i wore it here



Source of the photos; Lookbook.nu

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