Hey lovelies hoppe you all been great, am awesome as well.

Today i thought to share my favourite fashion movies that really inspire me to up my style game. I believe we all have things that inspire us to do better in life and for my case, fashion movies are one of my catalysts when it comes to improving my fashion sense.

Below are my favourite fashion
movies so far;

1.Single ladies tv


From glamour to Classy to edgy that was the fashion in this tv show.
I just love love these girls wardrobe,they have such a sense of style. They know how to dress their body types and eventhough each of them have a different  personal style,they just slay it in their own way. They portray a fashion clique with a great sense of style and class. Everytime i looked at their outfits i could relate to their style because i would also wear the same outfit if i had the chance to. April,Raquel,Keisha, Felicia,Val you girls are the epitome of class and glam.
Trust me i would re-watch this series just to feed my self on this addictive fashion lol.

2. Devil wears prada


Once Nigel gave Andy Sachs a makeover,it was hard to imagine her as the frumpy and disheveled girl she was before.Stylish is what she turned into and her confidence was built to stand up to Miranda Priestly.”thats all” there goed Miranda lol.

3. Gossip girls


This was another style tv show that i loved . These high school elite queens Blair and Serena  know how to make any outfit work in their favour not forgeting the wannabez who were trying so hard to fit in their class.. so it was all fashion at its peak. I mean private school uniforms never looked cooler when Serena Van der woodsen walked the halls of constance Billard School. 



Cookie Lyon the queen bee’s over the top fashion was everything in this tv show.Empire’s fashion show kicked off with plenty looks from Moschino and Gucci to mention but a few. Cookie’s Wardrobe is every fashionista’s wish. Who did not see the leopard and python prints.

5. Shopaholic


Her love for shopping drove her into debt lol…i think some of us can relate to this scenario(lets shop wisely). Rebecca is not afraid to take risks,the bold colors and bold fabrics all at the same time and her layering too was well thought of.Her shoes were every thing.

6. Sex and the city tv show.


These glam besties know how to express themselves through fashion. . Beyond nameplate necklaces and oversize flower pins,carrie,miranda,and samantha taught us more than fashion here. “I want my money where i can see it” hmmm…carrie!

7.Project runaway


Hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, “Project Runaway” was the first of its kind, mixing fashion,designers and fiece competition.
As a fashion enthusiast i really fell in love with this show not because am a designer but because i get to see the process of bringing to life an outfit,from the fashion language used to materials,fabrics,sawing and creativity,this show has alot to learn and to fall in love with fashion even more.

P.s Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Coco before channel are not on my list because i have not yet watched them but am looking forward too, i mean those are fashion must-see movies.

The list is endless,there turns of fashion inspirational movies out there,how about you comment some of your top fashion movies in the comments section below?



Angel mbeks