Inside my Wardrobe: 7 tips on how to have an organised wardrobe.



If you are tired of a messy wardrobe(atleast i am)😣, today’s post is for you. Am sharing tips on how to maintain an organised wardrobe and stay happy whenever you open it.

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1. Divide your clothes into sections

One of the method i use to keep my wardrobe organised is to separate the types of clothes into sections for example i store my dresses,jeans and dresses separate from each other for ease of use. So each of those types of clothes are in their section not mixing them together( trouser, tops,dresses all in same section oh gosh!). So store your clothes separately.

2. Hang your clothes (especially tops and dresses)

I would advise that if you have space, always hang your tops and dresses to avoid ironing everytime you wear them(time management) and also for easy styling because you can easily see them. Forexample you need to rush to work and you have no time to iron,hanged clothes can save you the hustle.

3. Do not mix you dirty clothes with clean ones

Please do not do that. Always have a separate basket where you keep your dirty clothes,because  mixing them with your clean ones can lead you to wearing dirty clothes thinking they are clean,plus it is not hygenic at all.

4. Put away  off- the -season clothes.

Now we are in winter meaning you will not need most og your summer clothes so put them away from your wardrobe and store them in your suit case then stay with only winter clothes in your wardrobe. Doing this will leave you with enough space to stay organised as you will not be struggling through your bulky clothes looking for a winter cardigan.

5. Strategic buying

Buy clothes that you need not what your friend wants you to buy or whats trending. Try to invest in timeless and essential pieces,for crying out loud  you do not have to buy  every trend.More so, get to know your body type(do research about body types),this will save you from buying trends that don’t look good on you. With this you are saving money as well having a capsule wardrobe.

6.Donate, Donate or exchange.

I know all of us have clothes that we nolonger wear because either they do not fit or they are nolonger our class or the trend died(is this correct English lol) long time ago.. donate(i mean the clothes in good shape)them to charity or call a couple of your friends and exchange with them the clothes you no longer need or you can give them to your young siblings.

7 Seek profession advice

If all the above fails then you can hire a wardrobe stylist to help you audit your wardrobe or if you do not want to spend then your best friend can help you clean out your wardrobe by telling you which clothes you do not need anymore.

I hope this post helped. Feel free to share with me,some of your tips for wardrobe organisation,maybe i can borrow some.


Angel mbeks

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