January Haul


Hey lovelies,today’s post and video is all about the shoes i bought in this month of January. I can not believe that i only bought shoes only. Without further due, Lets get down to it

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1.Brown suede ankle booties.


As we all know that we are in winter season and when shopping for shoes, ankle booties are a must buy because they can keep you all warmed up in this cold weather and still look stylish like i wore them here. Apart from the winter necessity,i love how these booties bring a chic and swagged up look to my casual outfits and i have always wished to own one hence another reason to buy them.

2. Strappy heel sandals.


I think you guys remember that  last year strappy heel sandals was part of my wish list,so it is obvious that i bought it this time around. They go well with knee length dress,skinny jeans and jumpsuits.

3. Black stiletto heels


Again this was on my wish list thank God finally i got them. I just love the snake skin it has plus the red inside bit of it ,so cute. I can wear these with any outfit on earth.Thosr days when you want to wear your jeans and white tee to church but you do not want to look so casual, adding stileto heels to your look can just change the look into casual smart.

4. Animal print pumps.


I needed these too,i really like how leopard print just  turns an outfit into a glamour and style. It does magic on any outfit like here and i always wished to own a leopard print finally my wish came true. I lile leopard print because it is a neutral and can go well  with any outfit. So whenever you do not want to wear black or nude heels,then go for leopard print heels,they will still work it.

5. Nude sued ballet sandals


Wearing black ballet sandals all the time gets boring so i had to switch it up with these nude sandals. So effortless and comfortable to rock on days like fridays  to sundays .

Shoes details

Suede ankle booties: H&M
Strappy heel sandals: H&M
Leopard pumps:  Aldo
Nude suede ballet sandals: H&M
Black stillettos: Local shoe boutique.

Did you shop for anything this month? Would love to hear from you. Thanks for passing by.


Angel mbeks


  1. Sshhooessss❤❤❤. I am jealous!. Loll.
    They are all pretty. Love the boots at the animal print.
    This month, I afew products and accessories for my hair, then I also bought eye liner lol and afew clothes.

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