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I have an issue that has been Oozing in my mind and thats about the  enenmity at home,work,schools,Church you name it among human beings especially female species.

I know most of us have some people in our lives that just don’t like us,stopped talking to us, or even talk behind our backs but when we did nothing wrong to them but they chose hate than Love.

Someone just hates you out of no where and you keep guessing what the hell did i do to this one also hmm…..i mean like you have NEVER(as far as you can remember) done a thing to them but they just hate on you.

Ever heard some people say “that girl/boy ,teacher,did nothing to me but i just hate them?!!! 
Some of us have been victims of such hate,that however nice,helpful you are to some people,they will just hate on you. I call that rejection…the only solution here is to just live your life and care less to those kind of people,i mean you have your family that loves you and ofcourse not all your classmates,co-workers will hate you right?


At our places of work,school..you greet this person every time you bump into them,your the first one to extend a greeting and if you do not extend it one day, then you will always by pass each other without a voice sound. From silence by passers to enemies.


Another scenario can be where you be good to this person all the time but all they do is turning you into their enemy by acting evilish on you…so you cut the crap…hence stop talking to them and thats an enemy in the making.

All am trying to say is that some of us have enemies not because we did anything wrong to them but it is because we tried so hard to make things work but they could not return the favor.


What type of enemy are you? 
Maybe it is the little things you did not do for them that turned them into your enemies? Like not holding the lift for them? Not waking up your roommate who is late for work(when she did not respond to the alarm)? Reporting her  to your bosses on small mistakes they do to make your self the boss’s favorite instead of helping them do better? Not caring to greet them first since they were the first to greet you yesterday?


The list is endless but we ought to pay attention to details in our lives,try to be nice to others so that we make our environment a good place to live in,lets cut this enemity circle when we still can. Life is to short to look down on others.

Like the saying goes…what goes around comes around. Saw love and not hatred.

(Stay blessed)

Angel mbeks