Inspiration: God works in Mysterious ways.

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Ever been in a situation where you find your self hopeless? Looking left,right and centre but see no way through and  all you can see are walls built around you? Trying so hard to escape your present but to no progress?!

That is such a dead end situation that no one would wish to be but one thing i have realised that there is away God suprises you  in such a great way…

Last month i found my self in a situation where i really needed someone to walk a specific journey with me but i could not find anyone, nara. Fear took the best of me telling me you will not make it by your self and tear started rolling upon my cheeks day by day.

Despite my situation, i never stopped singing this verse i read in mathew 7:7-8 that said  “pray and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened to you…” says Jesus.

Out of the blue came a person who was willing to stand with me through it all…somone who has been in the same situation before and conquered…someone i used to see around but never took time to get to know better. Someone who was previleged to selflessly  offer me support  till the end.

I kept on asking my self why i did not make her my friend the first time she said hello to me!!  I wished i knew before now that she would be  of such  great importance in my life,maybe i would have got her whatsup number Asap so that i did not have to go through the earlier  trauma before she offered a helping hand.

In the last minute when i was helpless God used this person to push me forward…a new friend i never paid attention to for almost a year.

Lessons learnt;

1. God hears and answers prayers. Our God can hear our cries and he will always be there in every situation,he is the best friend you can tell your deepest secrets,needs and fears and he will always answer you in the right time…but we have to know that Faith is the Catalyst.

2.  God can use anyone you never thought of, to see you through a certain situation. I mean,this young lady came to my rescue when she was the last person i thought about getting support from not because she was not capable but because i saw no way to break it to her given our distance and maybe finding my self reserved sometimes.

3. Never ignore anyone who comes in your life because you never no one day you will need that person to help you somwhere somehow. So be nice to everyone no matter how un attractive,not your type they may look and seem to be.

If it means getting their facebook page and once in a month just send them a “hi” text that would mean alot… so that when you need help from them it will not be hard to break the ice…do not wait when your in need to seek shelter,start now and secure your future.

What do you think of this post? Ever been in a similar situation before? Lets share in the comments section below.

Thank you

Angel mbeks


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