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Hey lovelies,

So i was nominated to the sisterhood of bloggers award by this amazing blogger Atim Mercy of Atim’s thoughts blog.

I enjoy reading her work, the creativity attached to her writings makes me stalk her blog on a daily basis… not forgeting her sense of style.

Check her great  work on her blog


Thanks Atim for the nomination…you are the real deal lol..;)

The rules for this post are:

1. Display the Award’s Logo on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and mention them in a link that easily links them back to their own site.
3. Answer ten questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate ten other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.
5. Ask them ten questions of your choice.

Ok since am done with rule 1 and 2, now let me get down to this….10 questions:o😄!! let me sharpen my small fingers because it is getting heated in here already  lol

1. Are you a feminist? Do you think feminism is overrated?

Yes i am but not an aggressive feminist.

Am a feminist in regards to what is accepted in the eyes of God, for example am against domestic violence,sexual harrasment,rape,unequal treatment in the work area(a woman can not be a CEO), i advocate for fair treatment in places of work,education you name it.

On the other hand i think feminism is overrated for example modern femists advocate for a legal right to abortion!! are you kidding me?! Nooo i do not agree with that 1001%  because it is not acceptable in the eyes of God.

2. Career woman or stay at home mum?

Am a career woman…ever since my childhood School days, i always imagined my self waking up everyday and head to office wearing a suit and high heels and sit infront of a computer and ran the show. I believe if you plan your time very well you can still get the ample time to spend with family

I do not see my self being spoonfade all the time,sometimes a woman has to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Plus,I do not encourage women to depend on men 100% because you never know what the future holds.

More so like the saying goes,two are better than one.

3. What is love to you?

Love is commitment, communication  selflessness and empathy not forgetting forgiveness between two people.  It all starts with the determination to make it work no matter what and then be able to open your heart to other person without discretion and putting yourself in their shoes… thats love to me.

4. Natural hair is the new black among African women thesedays, with alot of ladies transitioning from relaxed to natural and also, ladies who had natural hair before taking more interest in it because they realise how versatile their hair is.
However, some people say it is just a trend that will eventually wither away like many other trends.
What is your opinion about this?

Way back in my world, natural hair was looked at as for those girls who would not afford relaxed hair routine but now high profile people most especially fashionistas in the fashion industry are revamping this natural look style which am loving right now.

There is this African series called African city that i watched the first season and now waiting for the second season but there is this character , she makes me want to cut off all my relaxed hair to go natural all the way, i mean the way she plays with her hair , make up and attires, really look like a typical african fashionista.

But me personally,natural hair is such a piece of work that needs alot of patience to pull it off like i see in magazines. For starters my hair used to hurt like a woman in labor(ok that is exaggerative) whenever i passed a comb in it,and relaxing has saved me the pain . However i love people with well taken care of natural hair.

So,I think it is a trend that has become popular these days but whether that trend will stay forever is a subjective question.

5. What is a perfect day to you?

Waking up normally  without a sound of alarm clock(how i hate alarm) ,no obligations(No work ofcourse),reading and meditation on the word of God,30minutes exercise(mostly Abs), a warm birth with lots of foam in the bath tab ,heavy breakfast that includes fried eggs with sliced bread along with a cup of coffee with milk,head out for shopping and return back to a late lunch time of well cooked matooke(banana) with groundnuts and fish then later go out for a commedy night with friends/bae and laugh our selves silly,retiring with a wide smile on my face in my cosy bed. Perfect day well spent.

6. What is your typical everyday outfit?

It all depends on the mood am in and also the occassion/ where am going. So am a free styler. But if am at home then it is all about casual outfits(,mid length dresses,maxis,jeans,leggings and dress tops). When it is church time, 70% i dress up.

7. Females friends or male friends, which do you prefer? Why?.

It is known that the more male friends a girl has the less drammer and the reverse is true but still as a  girl sometimes we all need advice from female friends and so my answer here would be 50/50(50% females and 50% male friends)

8. What animal best describes you?

Lol this a good one, If I were an animal I’d probably be a dolphin because they are very intelligent and yet don’t appear to take themselves too seriously. They enjoy being part of a group and look out for each other and also enjoy having fun. Working hard, working smart, and having fun seem to be important values and that really resonates for me. I also think i am in between  introvert and extrovert Personality.

9. How do you like your personal space arranged? (Your house, if you have a house, or your room, or whatever place you consider your personal space)

I love organising and so i always want to see my space well put together,everything in its right place. Forexample in my tiny bedroom i have a place for  making up,office table(for my laptop, books and other paper work),wardrobe for clothes,shoe rack and bag space.

Though sometimes when am in a rush hour i end up leaving my room messy running to catch the staff  bus to work and in my heart am thinking ” i pray i do not get any visitor today” lol.

But to me an organised room makes an organised brain,mind,day.

10. Any five most important lessons life has taught you so far? Share..

-With God all things are possible,there is no mountain that is too high for God,so i learnt to always do my part and that is serving him and let him handle the rest(my cares and burdens): Ref: Mathew 6:33-34

-Communication is key to make any type of relationship  stand a taste of time. Without communication there is no way you can express your self to the other party,making assumptions is a dead end. If you feel the relationship is woth saving then Speak your heart to them atleast you would not say you never tried. I realised i lost many friends out of lack of communication,pride and assumptions.

-Staying angry at someone is like letting them stay rent free in your heart…can you imagine how hurting that can be? I learnt to let go of all the anger and move on with my life,forgive those who do me wrong to help my self live a healthy spiritual life,psychological torture can lead to depression.

– Go after your dreams/passions, start where you are. No one will tell what your good at if you do not take the first step. If it is writing write,singing,fashion you name it. I believe one is more happiest when doing what they love. Am not saying quit your Job hell no,you need that salary lol,at the moment take advantage of your free time.

-Never depend your happiness on anyone,you will be disapointed. True love,true friendships are hard to find but if you have one hold it tight .

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And these are your questions below.

  1. Tell us about your self and describe what constitutes a perfect day to you?

  2. Do you have close friends,if yes how do you maintain them. If No, why?

3. what  do you do outside blogging? Any hobbies apart from blogging?

4. If you were given 1 million dollars, what would you spend it on?

5.  How would you describe your personal style?

6. Can you tell me about your blog, and what inspired you to start it? Any challenges?  Where do you see your blog in the next five years? Any advice for upcoming bloggers?

7. What is your biggest fear?

8.  What would you change about your self if you could?

9. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

10.  Any last words for us( feel free)?

NB. Ladies, this award is optional. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, and that is fine with me.

Looking forward to reading your answers and get to know you better.


(Stay blessed)

Angel mbeks