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Lets face it,every one of us had ever admired the lives of socialites,actors and actoresses in those tv shows/movies we watch in our sitting rooms…where they live their lives to the fullest,hang out like crazy and at some point we wish we were them.

how about you went out of your comfort zone to bring your fantasies to life? Am talking about that spa treat you have always wanted to give your self …that birthday party you wished to throw for yourself…that new restaurant around the corner you wanted to dine at, that art exhibition or music concert you longed to attend… does that ring a bell? but you postponed all that on grounds that your friends are not around or because you will be tired from work or lets say you do not have those friends who can give you that company to make it fun and going alone will make you look like a loner(who cares its your life and you happiness not anyones duh!) ….hmmmmm

Do not wait for that day when bae or friends will suprise you with your dream designer shoe,bag or dress,outing on your birthday,anniversary…if you can afford it go for it after all its your money and you work for it.

Most of the times what we expect from others is not what we get…so before your heart hurt because they did not take you out on your birthday,career achievement celebrations,take the initiative and throw your youtself one and invite them over.

All am trying to say here is, life is too short to not live your life in the moment, time waits for no man,you will never know what the future holds, so I dare you to do something different out of your routine. Something or activity that makes you happy not the every staff you do.

Treat your self like a king/ Queen this year atleast some months this year, do not wait for the people you share the same hobbies with you to surface so that you can get out of your house.

Some of us from January to December the only hang out location is either the couch or the bed hmmm… i challenge you to change for the better this year…

maybe you always cook your lunch/dinner,this time dress up in your LBD and those nude heels and go eat out at that nearest Cafteria. You will never know who you meet.

I know you love netflix,youtube but maybe it is not too late to check out the Cinema halls and treat your self to the sweet & salty pockcorns along with a glass of Strawberry juice and sit back and enjoy that comedy movie that has just been released.

Do not wait for any one to create your fun, initiate it yourself and others will follow at their own risk. Some of us have lost our selves in relationships and forget about our own spiritual needs and desires.

As long as it will make you smile, do it..do not wait for tomorrow…what if tomorrow never comes? Procastination is no option. There are lots of things I wished I engaged my self in last year but did not all in the name of baseless reasons “am tired, bae will be at work, will go next week, no one is willing to join in,what will people say bla bla…” and now am in regrets.

But i belive it is not too late to do me. Just because the girls/boys are busy or not interested does not mean you bend low ….if it is what you want at that moment go for it.

Lets stop blaming others for our boring life but instead create our own fun…I love watching movies but some times i get sad when i see characters in the movie enjoying their lives and i am just sitted on my couch dead bored. And am thinking, how do they do it? How come they have have such a fun life?

2016 should be a year of change,lets pamper our lifestyle for the better,all those lame excuses,let them stay in 2015, try as much as possible to hang out outside you bedroom,your hour house.

Some of us keep complaining that we have no friends to hang out with but where will you make them in the first place? In your sitting room watching “big bang theory?!” Ofcourse not,you have to put yourself out there,to meet new people who will become hang out buddies.

Let us put fear at the side,and follow our joy…”what will people think if i …” should be 2015 history. With or without company,lets go for it.
till when are you going to procrastinate you dreams

Remember all this contributes to your health,if you are not happy within you,you will end up depressed hence affecting your health but every time you do something exciting for your self,your body system acts positively on it.

You deserve better,pamper yourself,pursue your joy and the rest will follow.

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