Current favourites + Haul

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”– Marilyn Monroe


Hey lovlies hope you been good.
Todays post is all about my current favorites,same time they are my current purchases.

Bought these stilleto heels and flats towards the end of November but couldn’t do a post/video immediately. Am sorry for that. But like an English man says “better late than never.

Nude stiletto heels.



I must say these nude heels are  a must have for every fashionista. It can be worn with any outfit on the planet earth. If you are in doubt  of which shoes to wear on a particular outfit,then nude heels can save the day because they are neutral.This makes me to fall in love with them currently.

Red stiletto heels.



When it comes to glamour and class ,then thats what a touch of red heels can bring to your entire look. Red heels can make any boring outfit pop.So love these babies currently.

  flat sandles.



I love these flats currently because they are comfortable can be worn with any outfit when it comes to dressing down an outfit.
I like the beads on the first flats,they add a touch of African style.
Love the silver color on these strapes sandles plus they are so girly and perfect to rock at the beach,boat cruise,you name it.

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Thanks for sticking around.
Be blessed.

Angel mbeks


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