Louis Vuiton bag


Hey lovelies hope you are all doing fine. As for me nothing much just work and also trying to make my blog appearance better day by day.

Today i decided to do a post on whats in my bag. I always wanted to do this post but lazyness was taking the best of me but this time i had to kick off the procastination tendencies. Lets gets down to it right away.

This is the number one  thing that will never miss in my bag. I keep cash and  business cards in there. Got this wallet as a gift from my boyfriend. Red is one of my best colors.Love this wallet.





This is  another piece of me,infact my best friend,always there to kill the boredom so  i can not leave it behind. It gives me company 24/7, talk about all the interesting apps in here yayy.

Make up bag


This carrys all my make up staff from lipstic to nail polish and it helps me keep my bag organised

Inglot make up powder and sponge

This is another item i carry in my bag to keep my face looking good. Due to weather changes,having powder in my bag helps me retouch my face to look put together. I use inglot powder brand currently.


Eye shadow.
This is also another item in my bag, i carry in case it rains lol and i need to re -make up

Lipstick and lip balm

Love red lipstick,it adds glam and class to my look. 
The herbal lip balm,helps me smoothen my lips. With this weather here, it has done more harm than good to my entire skin.


Chris adams(belle) perfume

     To be on the safe side, perfume is another item that does not miss in my bag, it helps me freshen up. Am in love with this Chris adams Belle perfume lately,the scent is breath taking.


Nail polish(colourless and nude)

Those moments when you are on a hurry(late  for work/ Church/ outing) and you have no time to do your nails and then you decide to do them on a  bus or in the wash room lol. So having nail polish in my bag most especially nude and colurless is such a life saver.


Mint Chewing gum

when it comes to breathe freshening, i do not go passed Mint Chewing gum.


Body lotion and vaseline.

Especially hand lotion,for the soft hands and Vaseline to keep my feet un dry.


Wanja and Eye pencil

Wanja and eye pencil helps me keep my eyes in shape, talk about women and grooming lol.


Mirror and a comb

Mirror is my other twin lol,and  i can not get out of the house without it trust me on that. Same applies to the comb to keep my hair well combed all the time.



Phone Charger & Earphones

What is a phone without a charger and earfones hmmm..
when on a long journey in a bus/taxi, i carry my earfones to listen to some music(so do not mistake me for a mad woman when you see me nodding my head and swaying around, its music’s fault not mine hahaha) and my charger to keep the battery full when i find a socket to charge it lol.



Have you ever found your self in a situation where your skirt is spoilt(maybe you sit in dirt,or that tim of the
month comes unawares lol?)..i feel a scarf is such importance in every girl’s bag for rescue purposes.


Handkerchif & tissue

This is obvious i guess. A hanky and tissues is such an essential for me.
Those sweaty days,we all need one.


Handy Books

God is first in my life and so whenever i find free time, i read and study my bible.


wedding magazine;
Towards the end of Next year, will be my wedding Ceremony God willingly, so i always carry this bride and groom magazine for inspiration and research.


Note book

Here i jot down important things like bible study,shopping list(when it just comes in my mind and i do not want to forget it, i jot it down. I jot down some research i read on internet from work.

THink big;
when you want to unleash your potential for excellency,books like “think big” are a must read to motivate you through life and career wise.


What do you think of this post. Tell me what is in your bag, would be glad to add them to my list.

Thank you.

Angel mbeks


  1. Hi! Just thought I’d drop you a comment to let you know I really enjoyed going through your post! very cool, interesting (and stylish too!)
    Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the chance, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Love this post idea!


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