“A girl should be two things: classy and Fabulous” Coco Channel.


Hey lovelies how have you been? Hope you been good. I have been well too just work and more work and probably watching some series….well watching movies is one of my besties…

Recently been watching Empire season 2 online( but unfortunately the series is not complete,it stops on episode 9 how sad! So if you know where i can watch the rest of the episodes just holla at your girl. In the meantime let me watch Mary time well spent lol


Enough yapping..I call this look Classy…i wore a blue kinda bodycon dress with red tip toes heels(i love showing off my toes lol) ,black hand bag and sealed it off with a multi coloured Chandlier earings..



I just love how red and blue get lost in each other in harmony and bring out such elegance.


You know the magic in dressing up? there is away you feel up there,smelling the confidence in the air…I mean who runs the world? girrrlss lol



Everytime  i dress up and walk in my heels, i feel like i can walk over every obstacle that comes my way trust me on that.



Tell me what you think about this look.

thanks for passing by, i appreciate.

Angel mbeks


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