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I have realised that in this world,the only person you can depend on for your happiness is yourself..yes your self.

No one can better interprete the emotions your having but your self…and no one knows how best they can make you feel better but your self…

Sometimes we base our happines on family but at the end of it all,they disapoint us…they call us sorts of names that hurt us unknowingly,sometimes they use hurtful and unsuportive statements that leave us nailed to the wall… they can not fully be there when you need them

Friends leave us during our worst moments when we need them…they do not bother to talk to us even when we do not want to talk a thing…careless is what they are.All they are good at is making the whole conversation about them…how selfish!

Not even love can quench the thirst in your heart …well they can be there but time comes when you feel its not enough,the care is not it….when all you can hear are his dry empty words because they do not know what your going through…they do not understand you better than your self…they can not guess the prescription you need to heal those inner wounds surfacing on the outside.

That is why i say,you are your own happiness…focus on what makes you smile,do not depend on any one for your happiness because even your own shadow can leave you when in dark

Do not expect people to treat you right…i mean the right way you deserve,they will always miss the details but you alone can reach the deepest corner of your heart…so treat your self right,just do what you feel you want to do at that moment even when no one is willing to join in…

Stop postponing your happines…live in the present  not future…whatever you dream about doing one day,start now…mayb you want to climb the mountain,or start a clothing line or you feel like swimming…do not wait for people to join your quest…start now,let your happiness come alive, and live the rest to God…

Never put high expectations in people because they always disapoint …do what makes you happy,follow your heart,do not over think about the bad day you had,move on with life,do not depend your smile on any one but your self…do what fulfills your heart and leave the rest to God.

Remember,do not dwell your happiness on any human being be your own source of happiness…do what makes you happy,do not let any one control your joy and peace by putting your expectations in them.

Expect nothing from any one but your self…so that you may not encounter any heart break.

Keep smiling.

Angel mbeks